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TLDR: Schedule 1:1 online video meetings, manage your calendar, and collect payments whenever you have a paid consultation call with your clients. Get lifetime deal at just $49.00.

Alternate For – Superproai and Calendly

Do you often do paid consultations with your clients and community? Having to use multiple sets of tools for scheduling the call, video conferencing, and collecting payments are not only time-consuming but also adds additional recurring costs to your software expenses.

But with this tool, you can now have video calls with your followers, community, clients, etc. Set your price, availability, and share your link. That’s it. Anyone can call you in the world, privately, without exchanging contact information. You can now connect with your audience seamlessly. – This tool makes it super easy for you to schedule 1:1 online video meetings, manage your calendar, and collect payments whenever you have a paid consultation call with your clients.

It takes less than 2 minutes to set up your profile on and start sharing your knowledge, experience, skills, and advise people on 1:1 video meetings. You can set your own rates as compensation for your time or you can also offer help for free of cost.

It takes care of your calendar availability, payments, and video call all in one place without having to do any other integration. Your ‘Directly URL’ is all you need to share and people can book a 1:1 call with you within 30 seconds.

Connect with your Users Globally – Become an Expert and talk with anyone around the globe privately and securely, without needing to exchange contact information. You can talk to your users, clients, customers, community, followers, etc.

Set Your Own Schedule – Set your own schedule in the calendar and the time slots can only be booked within the availability parameters that you provide, and Directly will notify you whenever a call is scheduled. Complete your profile and share your unique booking link with your audience.

Get a URL – This will eliminate all the hassles of to-and-fro emails for booking an appointment, taking payments, and managing separate video call subscriptions. It works like a charm by acting as a contact card or using it as your call booking page. You can even use it to covert your potential customers or warm leads to customers.

You can share it in your Twitter bio, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere and let people book a time with you for any questions, getting advice, or a general virtual discussion.

Add Services – Mention the types of services that you provide with the details so that your user can book your call with ease.

Video Call and Widget – Connect from anywhere with Directly’s built-in video chat software. You can enable the video call widget on your website or app and let your leads and visitors book a video call with you directly via the widget from the website or app.

Create Questionnaire Forms – To understand more about the call, you can create a question form so that you can analyze the call purpose before you talk to your client.

Also, if you are a user, you can also book a one-on-one video call with the other experts, influencers, and professionals at Directly. If they are on Directly, for a fee, you can connect directly with the people that you have been following: ask a question, get a second opinion, or advice. In the meantime, experts get paid for their time, so that they can support their passion.

What’s the Benefit of using

  • Create your brand and earn with Directly by making your public profile and advertise it.
  • Setup the calendar to show your availability.
  • Easily do one-to-one video calls.
  • Earn for your time by doing Paid Consultations. Your income will be transferred to your integrated account via Stripe, PayPal, or Cashfree.
  • No additional fee for your paid calls or video conferencing tool (which is built into the system)
  • No directly branding.
  • Generate a video widget for free, add it to the site, and schedule meetings directly from your website or app.

Connect With Your Clients and Community and Get Paid For Your Services.

Today, you can get the lifetime deal in just $49 one-time & use the product forever.

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