Email Marketing is easier than ever with EmailScraper Lifetime Deal

TLDR: EmailScraper is a perfect tool to start your email marketing, with web crawling, Google search, page status check, search in file functions & more. Get EmailScraper lifetime deal at just $19.99.

In case you’ve doubted the importance of email, here’s a fact for you: Eighty-one percent of small businesses rely on email as their primary marketing channel. That’s because email really works, provided you have a good customer list. Of course, with brick-and-mortar stores closed for the most part, and people spending more time online and at home than ever, email takes on an even more crucial role in maintaining and building relationships with customers.

If you’re going to be remotely successful in email marketing throughout this period and beyond, you need to build that list. Where do you start? One way is to use a tool like EmailScraper. The best part is it will only cost you $19.99. is one of the most powerful web-based email extraction tools on the market. This ingenious tool uses techniques like website crawls, URL crawls, searches in Google or Bing, TXT file searches and more to suss out email addresses and add them to your list. EmailScraper can check email validation, search for whois data, remove duplicate email addresses from your list and more convenient actions that help to ensure your list is up-to-date and as useful as possible.

Just enter a website address and EmailScraper scrapes the site to extract email addresses from all of your targeted URLs. It’s really that easy. You’ll quickly build your list and be prepared to reach entirely new audiences with all of your promotional materials.

Now is the time to invest in email marketing. is normally $99.99, but you can get today in just $19.99 for lifetime, saving 90%.

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