Emoji 13.1 announced: Mending hearts, face in clouds and many more will come up

Unicode Consortium has recently announced Emoji 13.1. The announcement of Emoji 13.1 will be filling the void created by the delay of the release of Emoji 14 which was caused due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. This announcement was first shared by Emojipedia which is itself a voting member of Unicode Consortium. Emoji 13.1 will be next in the series of the sets of emojis launched by Unicode Consortium.

Every year, sets of emojis are released by Unicode Consortium and Emoji 13.1 will be the latest among them. It is reported to come up with various latest emojis such as the face in a cloud, mending hearts, and many more. Emoji 13.1 would be next in series after Emoji 13 launched by Unicode Consortium in March 2020. Emoji 12 was announced early in January 2020. Emoji 13.1 is also expected to launch in October this year only.

Features of Emoji 13.1

Many latest features of Emoji 13.1 have been revealed looking at the Emojipedia blog post. Some of the latest emojis introduced will be face with spiral eyes, heart on fire, mending heart, face in clouds, and face exhaling. Skin tones for various couple emojis will be introduced. Many features associated with the bearded emoji are also introduced. The bearded man and bearded women emojis are the latest features. The change ins kin tone and gender options are also now associated with bearded emoji.

Launch of Emoji 13.1

emoji 13.1 (latest emoji)

Emoji 13.1 will be launched this year only. It has been scheduled for debut in October. However, the new emojis will be showing up by March 2021 or around the same. This information has also been released by the post of Emojipedia which has confirmed the date of the debut of Emoji 13.1 The Emoji 13 was announced in January 2020 while it was released in March in the same year. In the case of Emoji 13.1, it has also been estimated that the new emoji will not necessarily be out in March 2011, but the same could be implemented earlier at the end of 2020 only.

Emoji 13.1 was an easy task to be released as it will not introduce any new codes. If we look at the company’s decision to launch Emoji 13.1, it is indeed an intelligent move to keep the users contended and keep going with their work. Due to the global pandemic, Emoji 14 could not be launched and it was delayed. The company was facing a situation where it was left with two choices. One was to not at all introduce any emoji set till the release of Emoji 14. This choice would have impacted their work and the development of emoji sets as it would mean, no emojis till 2021. But the company went with the second possible choice. It was the choice of introducing such an emoji set which would not require any new coding set. This option was much more favorable as it would fill the void caused by the delay of the launch of Emoji 14.

Delay in Emoji 14

Emoji 14 was scheduled to be released in March 2021 but the schedule was delayed. The reason for the delay was reportingly the ongoing global pandemic, COVID-19. Due to this reason, Emoji 14 have been delayed by the period of six months and will be released in September in the year 2021. Even the release of Emoji 13.1 has also taken place to assure the discontented users and fill the void created by the delay in the launch of Emoji 14. It has been expected that as if Emoji 14 will launch in September 2021, the new set of emojis will come into use somewhere in the year 2022.

Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Consortium is an organization to maintain the standards of Unicode which in turn handles the encode and representation of the text used in most of the writing systems of the world. It also included the emojis that we use in our everyday life daily. These emojis reach out to us after Unicode Consortium passes them. Only then the manufacturers like Apple and Google introduce them to our smartphones and other devices and made them ready to use by users.

Final Verdict

Emoji 13.1 would ensure a lot of new emojis with several features. Unicode Consortium has taken a nice step by introducing this new step. The users are waiting for the manufacturers to introduce this system in smartphones and other devices. The possible implementation might occur in 2021 by there are still chances of a debut on new emoji set by the end of the year.

Emoji 13.1 announced Mending hearts, face in clouds and many more will come up
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