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Convert More Visitors into Customers with Emojics: Lifetime Deal 2019 [95% Off]

Emojics Lifetime Deal [95% OFF] is finally live on PitchGround.

Are you struggling to collect user feedback on your website and dealing with low response rate for feedback surveys?

The fact is: Nobody likes giving feedback and filling survey forms. Because it is boring. You should make submitting feedback interesting and easy for visitors and customers.

Meet Emojics Convert more visitors into customers with Emojics. Analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are liked the most by them.

What is Emojics?

Emojics is a tool that helps you collect user feedback by embedding fun and interactive reaction emoji’s as incentive. Collecting qualitative feedback will help you improve your product or service in the future but it’s a tough job to run a successful campaign. People simply hate to waste their time on giving feedback, so replacing boring feedback requests with Emojics will 10X boost your user feedback collection. Emojics is fully customizable and even lets you create custom campaigns for each emoji, with different interactions, giving you the opportunity to collect leads as well.

How Does This Works?

This tool helps you cross-check the user’s feelings with other dozens of data to understand what works best and what needs to be improved.

You can create custom campaigns for each emoji with different interactions like Promotion Campaign, Feedback Form, Message Campaign, Lead Form or Survey etc – Just in one place.

Grab Emojics Lifetime Plan at $49

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Emojics Features

Collect More Leads: Increase the number of your subscribers capturing when they like your service. With our reaction buttons, you can interact with your users based on their feelings.

When your users click on Smile, Heart, Like Emoji shows that they are in love with your product or your content and you have more chances to acquire a new subscriber at the right time. Customize your call to action and build high converting forms in seconds

Collect More Feedback: Our service changes the way to ask and collect feedback. People love to share their feelings but they hate wasting time. Our reaction buttons make it fast and fun! With our widget, you can collect three times more feedback than with a classic pop-up.

Analyze Feedback: Process massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with smart reports.

Interact With Your Users: Be able to interact with your users knowing their feeling is a huge power. Promote, notify and convert site visitors with our reaction buttons. Announce new sale discount or a product update or just say thank you to your users!

Interact with your users by customizing your message. Reply with an automatic message to the user’s feedback. Track how many clicks you receive, analyze the user’s feeling in real time and see what content or product are like most.

Customize Your Widget: You can choose from over 300 Emojis with different styles and designs to customize your own widget.
OR, we have done the work for you, you can choose from our widgets pre-set made for every kind of needs,

Understand what content or product is most successful: Our algorithm analyzes dozens of data and suggests what content performs better and engages your users more.

Build content and products your user’s love

Install Emojics and get results in a matter of minutes. Let your users give feedback anywhere, anytime.

Emojics is the fastest way to engage with your users and learn from them. Allow your users to give you useful feedback in an easy and fast way.

Our widget is fully customizable: Text, CTA, Design, and Emojis to make a perfect widget for your site.

Transform users feedback into intelligent data to drive product strategy. Find which content is organically driving you more traffic and increasing your ROI.

Build Your Own Campaign with Emojics now!

  • One Coupon Code: 10k total reactions per month, up to three websites.
  • Two Coupon Codes: 20k total reactions per month, up to eight websites, removes Emojics branding.
  • Three Coupon Codes: 30k total reactions per month, up to twelve websites, removes Emojics branding.
  • Four Coupon Codes: 40k total reactions per month, up to on sixteen websites, removes Emojics branding.
  • Five Coupon Codes: 50k total reactions, Unlocks White Label agency, (Upcoming feature) 15 sub-accounts, 2 websites usage included in each sub-account.

This special Emojics Lifetime deal is valid for Jan 19th – Feb 19th, 2019.

Regular price: $395.3/Yearly
Sale price: $49
Discount: 95%

Get Lifetime deal for just $49


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