Essential Features Of A Small Business Website

A website is important in today’s time. It does not matter whether yours is a big company or a small entity, a website is important for one and all businesses. Without a website, no business across industries can hope to leverage the rising potential and prospects existing online.

Your business needs a website for many reasons, including –

  • To go online and boost the presence
  • To reach across territories and geographies
  • To reach to newer markets and newer audiences
  • To spread the brand ideas and catch the attention of the target audience
  • To boost the visibility of the business and its varied elements such as products, services or policies etc.
  • To drive the sales by attracting more visitors to the site
  • To give users a chance to understand your business and its utility
  • To build the base and realize short as well as long-term goals of the business

Quite clearly, having a website is important in a time when the world has shifted online. It also helps in achieving all your goals and targets that physical world (or off-line route) fails to deliver.

However, you should understand is that having only a website is not enough, rather –

  • Your business needs a quality website
  • Your business needs a website with all essential features
  • The website should have all those features that help it perform well on the internet

In a nutshell, your business will need a feature-rich, user-friendly and high-quality website.

Essential Features Of A Small Business Website

It’s the features of a website that help it take the business forward by leveraging the internet fully. Without these features, no business will be able to go beyond a minimum point.

Here are some of those important features of a website:

1. Simple and clear navigation

Your website must have a simple and clear navigation as the purpose is to give visitors an ease of visiting through the site and benefit from it. So, always have a navigation bar at the top and you can also have it in the footer.

2. Contact & Business Information

Visitors come to know your business, understand your product and get a detailed idea of what you do. So, don’t ever skip giving in all business information at right places. Together, you must include all type of contact information to let visitors contact you easily.

3. Calls to Action

Having a good Call to Action (CTA) on every page of the site becomes important in case the business is into selling of products or services. With CTAs on every page, you can’t expect visitors to turn into customers for sure.

4. Updated content

The site should have fresh content. The content should be updated on regular basis. Not doing the same means not being able to realize the true potential of a fine website. This may dent your business prospects for sure.

5. Mobile-ready website

The website has to be responsive in nature so that it can attract mobile users in the same manner as it does others. With a mobile-ready website, your business won’t lose prospects that the rising growth of smartphones is bringing to the fore.

6. User-friendly & SEO-friendly website

The website should be simple and easy for users to access. It should never confuse them as it should let users get as much information as they need with ease. Similarly, the site should be designed keeping in mind latest trends and techniques in SEO. After all, a site that is not friendly to search engines won’t do better online.

Small Business Website

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