20 Every Day Apps Available At Early Black Friday Pricing

New technologies are always a huge asset to any entrepreneur or marketer. Apps and software are critical to the modern workplace, helping brands operate more efficiently and effectively than have ever before.

And now, you can operate even more cost-effectively because we’ve rounded up some of the best apps available right now at early Black Friday pricing. Just use coupon code BFSAVE40 at checkout.

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1. XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription

Sick of your boring collection of Zoom backgrounds? Need to communicate a complicated idea over a videoconference? XSplit VCam is the webcam tool that helps you change backgrounds instantly for more interactive, more immersive video calls.

Get the XSplit VCam: Lifetime Subscription for $12 (Reg. $49) with promo code BFSAVE40.

2. Hello Backgrounds: Videos & Images Package

Speaking of backgrounds, we’ve got them! Hello Backgrounds offers Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype backgrounds that can liven up your meetings. Their library currently contains more than 300 video and photo backgrounds.

Get the Hello Backgrounds: Videos & Images Package for $24 (Reg. $99) with promo code BFSAVE40.

3. WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: Lifetime Subscription

Stop sending out typo-laden emails and press releases. WhiteSmoke is a spell checker on steroids, checking your grammar, style, tone, clarity, and more in an instant. That’s why TopTenReviews calls it “the best writing enhancement software.”

Get the WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker: Lifetime Subscription for $24 (Reg. $600) with promo code BFSAVE40.

4. PhraseExpander for Windows: Pro License

If you work with many legal documents or contracts, you know what a pain it can be writing them up from scratch. With PhraseExpander, you can save time by storing commonly used text phrases, making them available in any application. It also provides simple autocompletion to streamline your workflow vastly.

Get the PhraseExpander for Windows: Pro License for $72 (Reg. $149) with promo code BFSAVE40.

5. VlogEasy Premium: Lifetime Subscription

Want to connect with customers, clients, employees, and more? Vlog it! VlogEasy makes creating videos from scratch an absolute breeze. It offers 150GB in cloud storage back up, plus unlimited access to royalty-free songs and sound effects, an AI-enhanced video editor, and much more.

Get the VlogEasy Premium: Lifetime Subscription for $78 (Reg. $895) with promo code BFSAVE40.


6. Emma Personal Finance & Budgeting App: Lifetime Subscription

Everybody could use a little help staying on top of their personal finances. This simple app surfaces all of your accounts in one place, helping you avoid overdraft fees, cancel wasteful subscriptions, track and pay off debts, and much more. Whether you’re budgeting for a trip or the rest of your life, Emma has your back.

Get the Emma Personal Finance & Budgeting App: Lifetime Subscription for $23.40 (Reg. $299) with promo code BFSAVE40.


7. Hushed Private Phone Line: Lifetime Subscription

Separate your business and personal phone lines without spending a pretty penny. With 4.6 stars on the App Store, Hushed is one of the best private phone lines available. It gives you a combination of 6,000 SMS or 1,000 phone minutes per year for an unbeatable price — and it’s completely private.

Get the Hushed Private Phone Line: Lifetime Subscription for $12 (Reg. $150) with promo code BFSAVE40.

8. Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription

You use passwords every day, but you shouldn’t be reading them off a sticky note attached to your monitor. Password Boss works on unlimited devices, protecting your passwords in a secure vault and making them readily accessible through convenient auto-fill. It’ll even help you generate strong, new passwords.

Get the Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription for $21 (Reg. $499) with promo code BFSAVE40.

9. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription

Named PC Mag’s Top VPN and an Editor’s Pick by Software Informer, VPN Unlimited is one of the best VPNs on the market. You can access more than 400 servers around the world with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and zero bandwidth throttling. Plus, KeepSolid has a strict no-logging policy, so your activity remains completely private.

Get the KeepSolid VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription for $19.97 (Reg. $199).


10. BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription

Stuck indoors for a long, socially-isolated winter may seem pretty daunting. But don’t just let yourself go! BetterMe offers personalized workout journeys complete with exercise and nutrition plans to help you get in shape and stay in shape.

Get the BetterMe Home Workout & Diet: Lifetime Subscription for $24 (Reg. $1,200) with promo code BFSAVE40.

11. Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service Subscriptions

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a good night’s sleep. Restflix is the only streaming service designed to help you do just that. It gives you unlimited access to more than 20 channels and hundreds of videos that aid sleep.

Get the Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service Subscriptions for $30 (Reg. $99) with promo code BFSAVE40.

12. 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription

Want to read more but don’t seem to have the time? You need 12min. This extensive book library includes thousands of titles that have been distilled into text- or audio-based files designed to be consumed in just 12 minutes. It’s the smartest way to get through your booklist.

Get the 12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription for $35.40 (Reg. $399) with promo code BFSAVE40.

13. Mondly Language Learning App

Named an Editor’s Choice app by the Google Play Store and an App of the Year by the App Store, Mondly is one of the top language learning apps on the market. Mondly uses state-of-the-art speech recognition and practical lessons to help you learn a language in no time. With this deal, you’ll get access to all 33 languages in Mondly’s library.

Get the Mondly: Lifetime Subscription for $42 (Reg. $1,199) with promo code BFSAVE40.


14. MindFi Mindfulness: Lifetime Subscription

Mindfulness may not be the first thing you consider when it comes to productivity, but it’s more important than ever in these stressful times. MindFi helps you improve your focus, reduce stress, and improve relationships with mindfulness exercises offered throughout the day. That’s why it was named an App of the Day by the App Store.

Get the MindFi Mindfulness: Lifetime Subscription for $23.40 (Reg. $365) with promo code BFSAVE40.

15. Speechify Unlimited Audio Reader: 1-Year Subscription

Entrepreneurs are used to multi-tasking, but you can’t read two things at once. Or can you? Speechify is a specially-developed app that reads any web page or document you ask it to out loud, so you can turn articles, important documents, and more into audio files that you can “read” while working on something else.

Get the Speechify Unlimited Audio Reader: 1-Year Subscription for $24 (Reg. $390) with promo code BFSAVE40.

16. Getscreen.me Remote Desktop: 3-Yr Subscription

Meet the ultimate tool for managing remote access. Getscreen.me is the freshest, simplest solution for remote access, bypassing the need for myriad IDs and passwords. With Getscreen.me, you can connect to any desktop from anywhere, so you can connect all of your computers, no matter where they are.

Get the Getscreen.me Remote Desktop: 3-Yr Subscription for $28.80 (Reg. $144) with promo code BFSAVE40.

17. MindMaster Mind Mapping Software: Perpetual License

The best ideas don’t come to fruition immediately; they take time to develop. With MindMaster, you can structure an idea and add information to it over time to fully map out and develop your idea into a complete project. Then, you can switch to a Gantt view to actually track progress towards completion.

Get the MindMaster Mind Mapping Software: Perpetual License for $29.40 (Reg. $129) with promo code BFSAVE40.

18. Focuster Productivity App: Lifetime Subscription

If you tend to shut down when you have a lot on your to-do list, you need Focuster. The streamlined interface is designed to boost focus, increase productivity, eliminate distractions, and help you prioritize and schedule your life. Before you know it, you’ll be flying through your to-do list.

Get the Focuster Productivity App: Lifetime Subscription for $35.40 (Reg. $480) with promo code BFSAVE40.

19. Relax Melodies Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription

An important element of productivity is simply being in the right headspace. Relax Melodies helps you get there through audio meditations designed to boost your focus. It can also help you get to sleep faster!

Get the Relax Melodies Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription for $48 (Reg. $250) with promo code BFSAVE40.


20. Degoo Premium: Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan

As an entrepreneur, you likely juggle a lot of files daily. Give yourself some extra peace of mind and some added convenience with 2TB of cloud backup from Degoo. This automated, super-secure backup will keep your files safe and cleanly organized.

Get the Degoo Premium: Lifetime 2TB Backup Plan for $36 (Reg. $1,200) with promo code BFSAVE40.

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