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Apple always ensures to astound its users with the diversity of the products it has launched. Since the launch of the iPhone SE 2020, we cannot keep calm about the next iPhone that is all set to arrive in September. 

The new members of the iPhone family, the iPhone 12 series is probably the greatest update in the world of iPhones for several years. Hence the anticipation and talks about the new Apple mobile are sky-high. Even with a span of three months until September, we seem to know a lot of what is awaiting us in the new iPhone this year. Let’s check it out. 

iPhone 12 Design

The new iPhone is set to have a unique design that originates from the elements in the previous Apple phones. It shall have a metal frame with the rear to be made out of glass. One significant change could be that the edges are expected to be more squared than the current rounded models. 

From Jon Prosser’s information, a Twitter leaker who constantly provides accurate facts on Apple products, it is known that aluminium shall be utilized on the iPhone 12, while the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max shall be launched with a stainless steel body. It shall also be accompanied by flat screens. There are indications about the removal of the notch from the iPhone to give it a differentiating design. 

To talk about the sizes, the users shall have four models to pick from:

  1. iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch display
  2. iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display 
  3. iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1-inch display 
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display

The major aspect of the design is all about the new Face ID technology, which might have the front-facing camera neatly embedded under the screen. Nothing in the confirmation so far, but there could be a far-reaching update where the face ID will be dropped entirely to support an inner screen fingerprint scanner. 

This currently seems unlikely, but if it turns out true, these models will truly be a big amendment for the brand and will be extremely expensive too.  The display of this new iPhone is supposed to offer a welcoming change with a refresh rate of 120Hz. This shall facilitate smoother scrolling and efficient display as compared to any other device in the market. 


iPhone 12 colours

To throw light on Apple’s standard pastel range, we are expecting similar patterns of Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red, and White to be available. With the success of the Midnight Green shade on the iPhone 11 pro, some rumours suggest Apple shall be debuting a navy blue colour on this version. It is believed that like the previous models of iPhone 11 pro and pro max the colours of Space Gray, Silver and Gold shall be incorporated here too. 


iPhone 12 processor

The beauty of every Apple iPhone is that the new one always arrives with a fresh processor. There are rumours that iPhone 12 shall accommodate the latest A14 processor with a 5-nm chip that is smaller, faster and provides more battery efficiency with its advanced thermal management. 

It is portrayed to have a single-core and multi-score which is extremely ahead of the Snapdragon 865. This will also ensure the best of the battery life Apple has ever provided. Some technology analysts also feel that iPhone 12 pro will have a boost in the RAM, i.e. it will comprise a 6GB of RAM, and the regular iPhone 12 shall incorporate 4GB of RAM. 

The device is expected to function at a faster rate with the support of the new 802.11ay specification, which assists content sharing at the speed of at least 20-30Gbps. To talk about the storage facilities, which most Apple users are concerned about, it is believed that iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have a storage of 128GB and 256GB, while iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will not only come in both of those but also be extended up to 512GB.


iPhone 12 connectivity

This series is likely to be the first one of the Apple franchise with the capability of a 5G networking. At the start, it was expected that this new feature would be added in only one model, but now it is likely to appear in all of them with a few variations. 

It might be possible that the 5.4 inches iPhone 12 and the 6.1 inches iPhone 12 may not exhibit the mmWave technology that is responsible for the fastest download speeds. In turn, these devices would be priced less with the support of only sub-6GHz 5G, but ranking well in terms of affordability.

Thus the 5G in these models shall have a longer range but slower data speeds than the mmWave technology which can touch up to 2Gbps. However, the devices of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be a unique blend that will offer both the mmWave and sub-6GHz 5G technologies. 


iPhone 12 camera

The one aspect in which every Apple phone overpowers the others is its camera. The camera of this iPhone 12 is also likely to experience an upgrade with a laser-powered 3D camera, along with appealing attributes like a depth-sensing snapper and mentions of 3D sensing. 

We believe that the iPhone 12 shall be equipped with a 64MP main camera, over the 12MP snapper in the previous versions. It shall also comprise of multiple lenses that aid night mode shooting along with the ultra-wide snapper with a full-fledged macro mode. 

There have been several talks in various sources about the existence of a LiDAR scanner as a part of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max along with three lenses. The basic iPhone 12 will mostly have two camera lenses and no LiDAR scanner. Certain sources also claim that the apex version of the iPhone 12 series, most likely the iPhone 12 pro max will have a feature called ‘sensor-shift’ which is an advanced image stabilization technology that helps the sensor to move as per the counteract camera movement.  



The four new additions to the iPhone family i.e. the entire iPhone 12 series is a promising product in today’s new-age technology. With so much speculation, discussion and excitement about these devices so early in the launch season, there is no doubt about it growing higher as we get closer. There is yet a final confirmation on a lot of aspects, including the final release date due to the current global crisis. But all in all, this version is about to bring some new revolutionary changes in the market along with the classic original touch of every Apple product. 


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