Facebook Lite gets Dark Mode while the main app is still waiting

Just about every other major app is introducing Dark Mode of some kind these days, but there’s one notable omission: Facebook. We saw Facebook tested a dark mode for Android in August and a dark mode on the desktop in October, but there’s been no permanent option as of yet. Now it seems like Facebook has finally begun rolling out dark mode to Facebook Lite, as spotted by Android Police.

Though we didn’t see it on any of my own devices yet, the dark mode has appeared for several users. It should appear as a toggle right beneath the ‘Settings’ button of the hamburger menu.

Facebook Lite, for those who don’t know, is a significantly smaller version of the Facebook App, meant for users with limited data access, though also popular just because it’s less bloated than the normal version. It fits Facebook’s most essential features into an app that requires less than 2MB of data to download. For comparison, the standard Facebook app is about 39MB. Once installed, the apps take up about 9MB and 400MB on my device, respectively.

Android Police noted that the feature appears to have begun rolling in January – but Facebook seems to have ramped up the rollout recently. 91Mobiles also noted that Facebook seems to have begun a wide rollout of Dark Mode to the desktop users in India. Hopefully, this means that Dark Mode isn’t too far off for the normal app for the rest of us.


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