Facebook Update: Now you can see all active ads running on Pages

The social network said Thursday it will let people see all the active ads a Facebook page is running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and its partner network.

It’s the latest in a string of new features from Facebook to give users more insight into how advertisers are using its platform. Now, users will see a new button called “info and ads” at the top of a Page belonging to a business, nonprofit, or other organization. “Page info” will allow them to see when the Page was created and if its name has been changed at all, though the company said there would be more information available to view in the tab in the coming weeks. The “active ads” section will allow users to see what ads that page is currently running across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. The tool has previously been tested in Canada.

Facebook Update: Now you can see all active ads running on Pages 4

Among the other tools that Facebook has recently announced to combat election interference: a new issue and political ads database that allows users to view ads from a certain candidate or ads that deal with a contentious topic, like immigration or health care, in aggregate. Currently available in the U.S., Facebook also announced today that it would be rolling out a political ad archive in Brazil soon, ahead of its October elections.

Facebook’s rollout of the database has been criticized by news organizations, which object to their ads promoting news articles on political topics being displayed alongside ads run by politicians, as well as other businesses and organizations that feel that their ads have been unfairly classified as political. This week, Facebook announced that in response to media pushback, it would separate ads from news organizations in another tab called “promoted news.

In April, right before CEO Mark Zuckerberg headed to Capitol Hill for two congressional hearings over Facebook’s recent scandals, Facebook’s chief said he supports the Honest Ads Act. The legislation is a bipartisan bill that would impose regulations on online campaign ads.

On Thursday, Sandberg said Facebook also supports the California Data Privacy Protection Act being voted on Thursday, which would allow people to know what information companies collect about them.

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