Facebook Mobile App Feeds are going to be more like Snapchat Stories

First Instagram and now Snapchat, Facebook is rolling features similar to these image messaging apps to include the same in its mobile app development feeds. Facebook has began a testing phase wherein it is including features similar to Snapchat and test the effectivity of the same.

Among a number of innovative features that has now been added in the feed, the new in-app camera functionality acts much like Snapchat. It offers exceptional filters much like Snapchat has been providing. The online social giant is now offering filters that users can put over their faces along with using geo location tags to add to their photos and the videos.

An amazing feature that has been taken from Instagram is that the users can now add content to the stories that will be shown on the top of the app. This will be flashed similarly as the stories are shown in the Instagram. Users are only required to tap their friend’s circle in order to read and view the full story. And, when they are viewing the story, they can directly comment on the same similarly to Instagram.

Facebook Mobile App Feeds are going to be more like Snapchat Stories 2

Moreover, the feeds including photos and videos will not be shown on other user’s timeline by default; however, users can choose to share the same. The step has just been taken to extend the browsing experience of the users while using the Facebook mobile app.

How much successful Facebook has remained in Snapchat copying roll

Facebook has remained quite impressive in replicating Snapchat features. Having more than 1 billion of user base, Facebook is now on a journey of acquiring new users from across the globe. The fact that Facebook is now a global platform has given much space to this social networking site to be more specific for users.

Facebook has already been an exceptional platform and the new features will help to elevate the status of this platform. Users will get a chance to explore extended functionalities that are going to add more to their experiences. It is a well known fact that Facebook holds the potential to expand the reach of stories to extended audience. Moreover, specific features that have just been added are only going to make the experience much more influential.

Opportunity for brands

Facebook’s new features are sure to offer a whole new opportunity to brands in order to advertise their services and generate new leads. However, no specific information is available on this, but this could be one of the best approaches for businesses if Facebook allows brands to roll out their advertisement in the feeds.

Facebook has already given a considerable space to brands to feature their services in the news feeds. And, this is one of the most exploited platform from where users can opt for shopping from a range of brands advertising their services. This add on can become more effective for the brands in the time to come.

Facebook Mobile App Feeds are going to be more like Snapchat Stories 3

The new Facebook feeds thus hold the potential of changing the entire advertising concept of businesses. As browsing through feeds is one of the most interesting concepts for the users, a feed from the advertisers could add more number of users to opt for their businesses.

Currently, these Facebook stories have only been made available in Ireland only, and thus the users in other parts of the globe will need to wait for some time to use the new functionalities properly. In case, the features become successful, they will be rolled out in other global sphere too.

Well, the features on a whole are exceptional. And, hold the potential to add on to the user’s experience. In case, new features are rolled out for the users in other parts also, they are going to get exceptional experience while browsing Facebook.


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