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Fake Social Media Profiles – How To Keep Your Child Safe From Them?

Every single girl who knows how to surf the cyberspace and watches videos on Youtube knows who Zoella is. They all love her and worship the ground that this Youtuber walks on. Imagine the surprise of an unsuspecting fan when she receives a message from the star herself. Of course, she is going to be head over heels and jump in at a chance to talk with her girl. But, what if Zoella was never the one behind the messages? This is exactly what a 20-year-old teen did and when discovered was consequently jailed for eight years. David Harms was held responsible for committing acts of offense against girls as young as eight years of age to 18 years. Not only was he grooming them online but he also had countless pictures and videos of child abuse which, inevitably, were responsible for landing him in prison for eight years.

Now, what the parents of those girls could have done to avoid this mishap? Some might say there is no possible way to stay safe from such occurrences because there are probably millions of David Harms out there who prey on tender minds just to quench their carnal desires. But, we think differently. There are few precautions that parents can take that will safeguard children. Spy apps are one of those many measures that is very much capable of helping parents know when it’s time to step into the child’s life and set things straight for their kids and when they can give their children room to grow.

How does Spy Apps save your Kids from Online Predators?

Spy apps can play a more productive role in maintaining a sound environment for your child than you might think. Spy apps are evolving and growing into something that you can trust to keep tabs on your family and ensure that they are safe from the people that seek to harm them. Given below are a few features of spy apps that help parents in keeping an eye on their kids.

Calls and Text

Spy apps take control of all the outgoing and incoming communication signals of the target device i.e. keeping track of all the calls and messages being made or being received in real time on the target device. Additionally, it creates detailed logs that provide the user with the information such as the number being called and frequently texted as well as the calls and texts being received.

Gallery and Calendar Entries

Spy apps allow you to browse through the data stored on the target device. This data includes all images and videos as well as the calendar entries and even checking when the child sets the alarm to wake up, etc. Hence, covering all the basics to ensure that spy apps are one of the many tools that you can use to keep your loved ones safe.

GPS Tracking Facilities

Most spy apps found online today come equipped with the ability to track the target device and the person of interest anywhere in the world and show their location to the user of the target device in real time. This way you can know where your child is at any given time and ensure that your child is exactly where he or she is supposed to be.

Social Media Monitoring

Spy apps can monitor all the tweets, posts, etc. that are being made on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as keep an eye on their friends and followers, watching every picture that they post, and accessing their private messages (DMs). This is done to make sure that the little ones are talking to people that could play a negative role in their grooming.

Browsing History

Spy apps can keep track of the browsing history of the target device, checking each and every single website that they open. Spy apps can also block websites that the parents deem inappropriate for their children and get them notified every time their child attempt to visit a page containing inappropriate content.

Messaging Apps

With the vast amount of messaging apps available in the market, it is crucial that parents keep an eye on these as well. Apps like Line, Kik, and Whatsapp are often the medium that online predators use to stalk their prey. Spy apps record all the messages and conversations on the target device, ensuring that your child doesn’t fall prey to strangers due to these apps.

The Bottom Line

In times like today, physical monitoring is not enough to keep your children safe. You need a helping hand in the form of spy apps that can be your eyes and ears in places where you cannot physically be. Put parenting and responsibility of keeping your children safe above everything else.

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