8 ways to find winning product for dropshipping every time

Dropshipping is a method of filling sales where the store does not store the products we sell in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product using this model, it buys the item from a third party and delivers it directly to the customer. As a result, the seller is not required to handle the product directly.

It is like avoiding the sale of goods because the seller does not need to have a warehouse. All he does is place an order with the manufacturer or wholesaler, filling it out, and sending it to customers.

However, doing business for downsizing is not the end of the heart. That’s because you need to find products that can help you earn tons of money.

Most online stores have high-quality shopping lists. This is good for customers who want to see the best products offered in an online store. But for online retailers, the best selling list is the rare goldmine.

And new entrepreneurs are not exploiting them enough.

Most would say that the opposite is true: Everyone sells the same products as you. But I like to look at it with a glass half full approach: if everyone sells the same things, you too can sell easily. And if you know what they are selling the most, you can sell the winning product. To find a product that helps you win the jackpot, all you need to do is research a little product.

8 Easiest Ways to Find Winning Products Every Time

These are the 8 ways to find winning products in 2020.

Amazon Best Sellers


There is a good chance that some developers have a list of the best sellers.

You do not need to find products directly. All you need to do is study their product collections. Look at the patterns to see which ones are the best at the moment.

Suppose you are selling women’s clothing. You may notice from rival # 1 that a printed shirt is included in its list of best-selling products. The same thing goes with competitors # 2 and # 3. This means that adding a branded shirt to your product list can generate revenue.

You understand the behavior of their customers for your good. As Nicole Ferreira puts it, “The more you look at our competitors’ websites, the more you will find patterns and interactions between top brands. You can incorporate these patterns as you create your product. “

Amazon has the best-selling lists of all categories in reality. And not only that, but they are constantly being updated. Single. Hour.

You will find other brand name products in the list of top sellers like Lego and FujiFilm above. However, you can also find other unpublished products that are readily available.

If they are the biggest sellers on Amazon, they can also be the biggest sellers in your store. So you can add products to your store, like this one, depending on their performance on Amazon.

Okay, let me guess what you think right now. “But Nicole, I can’t compete with Amazon.

Use eBay


Find a product to sell using Watch Count that lets you see your eBay preferences. You can find winning products with highly targeted keywords like ‘ionic hairbrush’ to see photos and the most popular style now.

Or you can expand your keywords to find the best sellers in your niche. So instead of an ionic brush, you can opt ​​for a hairbrush. Or instead of floral leggings, you can look for leggings.

Best product drop recommendations include items with more guards. Keep in mind that when you do a small search like an ionic hairbrush, the number of viewers will decrease because you also specify that ionic hair brushes are still trendy even though there is a lower number than leggings.

Also, you will see that in both sets of images, there are always more products displayed. Designing your photos in the same way can also help customers see all the options before clicking on your product page (and it can help attract more because there are so many options to look at).

Search on Wish


Wish is another example of an online retailer that advertises its best-selling products. It is a great website that will help you to find great products for your site. It is excellent for beginners as you can easily search for products on wish.

When you go on the Wish product page, you will see some impressive numbers. More than 6,900 reviews confirm that people are buying these products.

So if you are looking for a bestseller list, keep your eyes open for active shopping products. Other brands of products that can be pressed buy include things like:

  • Colored (or visible when scrolling)
  • Uses emotional response (“I need this” or “This is interesting” or “I like this”)
  • A different design or style from anything you’ve ever seen.

Look for high-performing ads


Just because an ad you saw on Facebook has a medium copy and product page does not mean it is not a winning product. Sometimes, it’s also good to look at ad involvement.

Thousands of likes. Comment after comment. Even users mark their friends in the comment section.

These are signs that people are looking for any product on social media. Therefore, it is a winning product.

If you find a lightbulb moment like this, the next thing you need to do is find the same product on popular online shopping sites like Amazon or eBay.

However, just because it has been popular on social media does not mean that it will bring tons of money to your quitting business.

There are many factors to ensure that your winning product has a good chance of success:

Your ad needs to identify and attract the right audience.

Your website needs to be converted.

It would help if you convinced consumers to buy right now before you do some research.

The product should not be widely available (e.g., not in retail stores)

And more!

So don’t be afraid to ask around for store updates to get feedback on your store because you can have products that sell best on you without realizing it.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Facebook and Instagram to get ads.

A small strategy to create regular ads in various stores to add the best-selling products from various competitors to your cart. Most active stores often have backlinks that are usually caused by abandoned carts. You can also use the templates from those ads as inspiration for your ads to give you a better chance of marketing your winning product.

You can also use a FB Search tool to find ads within your niche with high engagement levels. You may need to play around with different keywords to find them (which is best defined). So avoid keywords like “fitness” or “yoga.” Instead, it creates keywords like “mandala blanket,” which reduces it to the product directly. You will find posts with high engagement – sometimes just regular posts, but sometimes advertisers turn their existing posts into ads.

Target a customer pain point

Resolving customer pain points will always be an effective way to improve the product people want. Tylenol would not be in business if the actual headache were not harmful. Uncommon customer pain points, meanwhile, are about dealing with negative or frustrating experiences with the current selection of available products.

Active Hound is an example of a product that solves a pain point in the market. After talking with other dog owners in their local park, the founders, Lucy and Zak, realized that pet owners were always frustrated that the expensive dog toys they were buying lacked the strength needed to withstand the aging and sadness of a playful animal. Hearing about this frustration encouraged them to build a line of dog toys that lasted longer. Now, expand their contribution to the sale of toys, handling, and various other dog products.

You should pay close attention whenever you see a common concern with an existing product line. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day pain and frustration that you may encounter in your daily life may be just what you need to develop your common next product.

Utilize early trends

Seeing a trend early enough can be a great benefit for a new business. It allows you to record a place in the market and position yourself as a leader before others get a chance. And because of the nature of digital marketing, the amount of money you spend is likely to be lower, and the chances of building long-term SEO traffic may be higher.

The key is not to become too preoccupied with the “fashion” and the “trend.” Fashion is something that has come to prominence based on youth or gimmick. In contrast, fashions can offer great marketing opportunities; remember that if you build your business in fashion, the need will eventually disappear. Meanwhile, the habit fills an existing need in a new way, which is why their need lasts much longer than time.

Here are a few ways to look at what’s trending so you can act quickly on potential opportunities:

  • Public Listening: This can be as basic as looking at trending hashtags on Twitter or articles on Facebook, or advanced as using public listening tools to identify and monitor trends over time.
  • Google Trends: See the popularity of articles over time, and see what hits the spike in interest.
  • Trend Hunter: “The world’s most popular style society” uses data, artificial intelligence, and real people to target consumer insights and new opportunities.
  • Reddit: “Internet front page” shows forums about each topic under the sun. Visit the popular page to see what people are complaining about

Get opportunities through keywords

It’s no secret that 

live traffic from search engines is an important marketing channel. Searching for keyword opportunities means strategically searching the product based on search queries, the number of searches per month, and the overall competition for that search.

This approach can be a useful tool and requires understanding keyword research and optimization of search engines. The good thing is that matching a product’s demand for existing keywords can be an effective way to capture consistent traffic from Google, but it comes with its 

own risks, which is that if you rely on search engine traffic, you will be overly exposed to changes in Google’s algorithm.

Keep in mind that Google is not the only place where people start their search, and as such is not the only place to dig for keywords. Online markets also have their own search functions, which means that there is more keyword data. Here are a few tools you can use to find popular search terms, which can help you find the following product to sell:

  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Key tool
  • KeywordInspector
  • Helium 10
  • Sonar
  • EtsyRank
  • Alibaba Hot keywords and industry name keywords

Look for products that have higher profits.

Low-head products offer a low-risk way to start because it is easier to get high-value moms than more expensive products to produce. When pricing for your products, you need to consider the 

Amount of resources you have put in to sell the product or your cost of goods sold (COGS).

It would help if you considered how much it costs to create a product and how much it costs to promote, hold, and ship. Look for less expensive items that can generate higher interest rates (ROI). Remember, lightweight items will be cheaper to ship. And just because a product is inexpensive to buy wholesale doesn’t mean you can turn it into a very high ROI.


Choosing the right product or category of the product can be helpful to your success. The products you choose will shape your entire business, from marketing to shipping, to pricing, to product development.

Hopefully, these ideas will turn gears up and help you lead to a product that people want to buy and enjoy equally selling it.

8 ways to find winning product for dropshipping every time
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