The Five Characteristics of Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile technology and mobile apps are the front runners of the digital revolution that change our way of living. As mobile technology advances and reaches new heights, so do mobile apps which fuel the so-called engine of mobile technology. As we move forward in this new era of mobile computing, mobile technology and apps are making its way into all aspects of our lives. Thousands of mobile apps are being developed every year to cater to our needs and whims.

There is one simple fact about mobile app and business. A great mobile app can definitely help your business to rise to the top. However, these days, a great mobile is not enough. With the thousands android apps and ios apps available in the app stores, your mobile apps need to not just be great but be successful as well. A great mobile app does not translate to a successful mobile app, but all successful apps are definitely great apps. Regardless of your purpose in developing a mobile app, what industry you are in, or whoever your target audience is, it is important that your mobile apps have these 5 characteristics to make it successful.

1. High and consistent performance

The interface, high-tech features and functions of your mobile app will account to nothing if it cannot function well. High and consistent performance should be the first priority in developing the app. It should be well-tested and consistent in its performance even under extreme conditions. The ideal mobile app in terms of performance is the one that consumes minimum CPU and battery power, and does not require huge storage space.

Loading time must be under 10 seconds. Generally, users get impatient and bored if startup takes too long. If a longer startup cannot be avoided due to huge amount of data that your app has to load, have a cool startup/loading screen that would let the user know that the startup process is taking place. High and consistent performance also mean minimal to zero crashes and freeze times. An app, however awesome, is doomed to be a failure if it keeps crashing and freezing. Reliability and consistency should be the first priority in developing a mobile app.

2. Unique, Appealing and Easy to Use

Your mobile app should be memorable and stand out from the rest. There are hundreds of thousands of mobile apps out there, the question is what will get your app noticed? Your mobile app needs to be amazing, pretty and appealing to your target audience. It must be uniquely packaged and fully branded. Also make sure that your idea is unique enough to be memorable, not just another imitation of some else’s idea.

Another key characteristic of a successful app is the ease of use. Generally, mobile users do not have the patience or time to learn how to use a complicated app, especially if your competitor is offering the same feature but with an easier to navigate interface. In designing an app, it’s important to make sure that the user can get what they want quickly, if not instantly.

3. Platform appropriate

When designing and developing a mobile app, make sure that it is appropriate for a handheld mobile device. Remember that mobile technology has many different platforms, so you’ll want to ensure that you have an appropriate design for all brands and devices. Don’t limit the reach of your app by just developing an app for ios devices if you think it could also appeal to Android mobile users.

4. Responsive customer support and regular update.

Expect that not all users of your app will be tech savvy. There will always be somebody who will need help on downloading and using your app. It is important that you respond to queries and requests promptly. Sometimes, one question can lead to a sale and a recommendation or share in a social network. It is also important that your content is up-to-date and contains relevant information. Regular fixes to bugs and uploading new features is always a great way of making your end-users stay interested.

5. Affordable

Your app may be appealing and beautiful, but if it is  not affordable, it is doomed to fail. Why should the customer choose your expensive app if he can get an app with same features for free?  Try to offer both a free version and full-feature paid version. However, it is still important to have your full-feature paid version affordable.

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