Forget Towels. Try This Body Dryer After Showering

You work hard for a lot of things in your life. To support your family, a lovely home, a pet. So when your kids or pets come home from being out in the rain and get your new floors dirty, it’s mildly frustrating. Add one extra step to your entryway to save yourself a lot of headaches. The Viatek Body Dryer is a must-have for your mudroom.

Toweling off when you come in from the rain, the pool, or the beach is one way to get dry, but then you have to put the towels through the laundry, adding to your to-do list. The Viatek Body Dryer gives you a more eco-friendly alternative and eliminates the need for towels by simply blow-drying your entire body when you get home. The dryer allows you to control the temperature of the air, so you’re not unexpectedly blasted with air that’s too hot or too cold, streaming it at speeds of up to 100mph to dry you off (or your kids, or your dog).

Using a remote control, you can press a button and blast water from a wet person coming into your home. The user-friendly device also supports up to 350lbs, so you can put your dog on it and dry them off quickly, too, by having them step onto the gravity-sensing platform.

Whether you live in an area with a long rainy season or you’re sick of your kids traipsing in water after swimming in the pool, the Viatek Body Dryer will be a breath of fresh air. Usually $299, you can get it for 16 percent off today at $249.99.

Prices subject to change.

Forget Towels. Try This Body Dryer After Showering

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