Create your own Mobile App in 60 Minutes with Gappsy No Code App Builder

TLDR: Say goodbye to expensive design and developer costs. Build your own mobile app today. No coding experience needed. It takes just 60 minutes. Get Gappsy lifetime deal at just $147.

Creating an App is not an easy task. You need to learn Coding and know various other technical jargon to be able to build an App. We did not include the heavy amount of investment that you need to spend on building a tech team to build an app only to realize that you need to align with all the compliances from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

If there are more than these issues that you are facing while building your App, you need to change your method!

Gappsy is a visual mobile App builder that can help you to build Andriod and iOS apps visually without coding or installing software on the desktop.

Gappsy is based on an open-source Siberian CMS and provides specialized product top of it with new modules, themes, layouts and makes sure that there are no bugs, that it works with the fastest speed possible, and that they offer the best possible customer support.

There is a white-label package, and you can have your backend dashboard and teammates. It won’t show Gappsy or anything related to our brand name anywhere. It will show your own logo, your own URL, your our email server, your own login section for your teammates.

With a non-whitelabel package, you need to login to the gappsy dashboard and see their gappsy logo. When an app is published in the app stores, you will not see a logo from gappsy, or the whitelabel company.

With Gappsy mobile app developer, you will get App hosting and they also provide source code for the Apps you build. The apps are coded with Angularjs, and they are native.

It has got great functionalities such as Iframe, booking, QR scan, push notifications, membership, social wall, Maps, Analytics, Admob Integration, Woocommerce, and much more.

How exactly does Gappsy work?

Anyone can create an advanced App with Gappsy.


Chose one in our modern App design layouts. There are a great number of designs to choose from. Some are manufactured for a particular type of company. Others tend to be more generic. You could choose any theme and edit it yourself.


Customize from text to pictures. You could choose your colors, pictures, and videos. The sky is the limit. You could create all you can think of.


We have a whole library filled with useful plugins that you can drag and drop into the app. We will review all the plugins below. This is the most powerful area of the Gappsy Drag-and-Drop builder.


With a select a button, you can launch your own app. You can include Google advertisements in your app and make money on autopilot.

Gappsy Plugins

The plugins make Gappsy the most powerful Drag-and-Drop application builder. Here are our plugins! We actively focus on creating new exclusive Gappsy Plugins!


You can send unlimited personalized push notifications to the people that downloaded your App. Luckily there is no spam box. Every message will be delivered, and open rates are incredibly high.


Just around the corner – Send programmed birthday push notifications to the people who downloaded your app. You could give them a present-day to keep them happy. You may send them a discount code to cause them to become buy something on your site.


Create your webshop in your app. Sell the merchandise you want. It could be used to market meals for a restaurant, for example. Payment gateways are integrated into the webshop plugin.


Let customers on your iPhone app gather loyalty points for purchasing something on your app. They could redeem these points to get something free of charge in your iPhone app or get a discount for it.


Get visitors to open the app every day by giving them a daily scratch card. You can install the likelihood of a hefty prize or a small one. An enormous prize is a free meal in a restaurant. A smaller prize is a discount code.


Coming soon – Let your iPhone app users schedule an appointment. It is a reservation for a restaurant or a cosmetic salon, for example.


Embed your website or a particular page of your website into your app.


Create your own Facebook-like SOCIAL WEBSITES timeline. Your App users can post text or pictures on it.


JUST AROUND THE CORNER -Let your application users connect in 1-on-1 live chats. They can send each other private messages free of charge.


Integrate any Facebook page. When that page posts something on Facebook, it’ll automatically be shown In the app.


You can add music from Itunes or Soundcloud. You can also upload your files. App users can purchase songs or listen to them free of charge. They can keep hearing the song even if indeed they close the software or lock their phone.


You can integrate videos into your app. You may incorporate any youtube video or integrate an entire youtube channel into the app. All videos would be shown in the application for individuals to see.


Make a contact page for your application users. Integrate your contact number to call you merely by clicking on it. You can also create a contact form on that contact page.


Make money by creating and integrating a Google Admob account. Google can pay you for every user that is on your app. You can calculate the amount of money you’ll earn by the end of the month.


See what is going on in your app. Observe how many people downloaded your app and get additional information on your users, such as their email, name, and much more.


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