5 Essential Google Ads Tips You Should Know

Google Ads are a precise way to build your business online. When you create meaningful and engaging ads, it is easier to connect to your market. Thus, with the assistance of Google Ads, the primary marketing tool, you can promote your services online.

However, it is important to set up and manage these carefully to maximize your investment, generate traffic and sales, and develop a brand image online.

Hence, we bring to you, five chosen google ads tips that will help you achieve greater results.

Let’s take a look.

Utilize the right and precise keywords

Google keywords

In AdWords, you use a few sets of different keyword types. Hence, it is important to make a comprehensive list of specific keywords that will attract your customers and serve the brand purpose. You have to realize, the more relative and balanced you keep your keywords, the greater the audience you cater to.

  • The first type is known as a broad match. Here, the keyword phrases you approach in your ads can appear in any fashion and will work with its synonyms too. This also indicates that you have your keywords in the order you listed, but there can be other words placed in between. For instance, ‘cake shop New York’ would show up for ‘tastiest cake shops in New York.’
  • The next type is a Phrase which signifies that your ad will only display when the phrase is exactly similar to the one you have listed.
  • Finally, we have the last type, an exact match. With similar characteristics of the previous one, this type leaps ahead and confirms that the entire request is matching exactly to your mentioned phrase.

While you create keywords, you have to take into account both the positive and negative keywords. For example, if you are marketing ‘Tea’, your negative keyword can be incorporated as ‘Coffee.’ This significantly helps to boost your CTR (click-through-rate) and traffic. You have to plan your keywords accordingly to get the best results.

Use all possible space for text and available ad extensions

Google ads extension

In Google, you can make use of different arenas to post relevant content. It is recommended to utilize all the available space to create an accurate brand image and wide prospects of its marketing.

There are several aspects of the text you can include. The primary ones to keep in mind are an URL that will contain the link of the landing page, a spot to include your location, contextual description for your ad, and the product you are advertising.

You also have areas of extensions that help you increase your engagement. The common ones are:

  • Sitelink Extensions: These enable you to add further relative links that may be useful to your audience.
  • Callout Extensions: As the name suggests, you can mention or callout promises or corresponding publicity remarks that builds a sense of trust with the consumer.
  • Structured Snippets: These come with a predetermined set of options and you need to choose the category where you can incorporate other information about the attributes of your ad.

Utilize adequate Call-To-Action

google ads call to action

While you draft an ad, you must keep in mind that any advertisement has to be engaging and persuasive to grab the attention of the consumer and convince him to check your products and services.

Thus, a primary way to achieve this is by having an efficient Call-to-Action in your ad copy. This will enrich your ad campaign and gain engagement.

Your consumer base requires an extra push and needs to be persuaded to the maximum limit. Hence by employing Call-to Actions like Buy Now, Call Now or Shop Now, etc, you can achieve your targets and gain additional traffic through your ads.

Ensure that your Ad message aligns accurately with your landing page

google ads landing page

To gain success in your ad campaign, you have to ensure that your quality score constantly improves and the audience finds relative content with your ad.

The key to gain more clicks to your landing page is by taking adequate steps to verify whether your landing page is corresponding to the ad message or not. Whether it answers the exact query and meets the customer needs or not.

For instance, if your ad copy talks about ‘Cheap shoes and sneakers’ of your company and if your landing page is ‘Shirts and Pants’ of the same company, there is a lack of alignment and your cost per click will shoot up due to traffic-induced on a wrong landing page.

Thus, to lower your advertising costs and give your ad a better outreach you need to align your ad with the customer demands and queries. It is recommended to repeat the same message of your ad on your landing page to guarantee assurance to your consumer base.

Track your keyword performance as well as people’s actions

google ads keyword analysis

The success of any ad campaign can be determined when you track the progress and outreach statistically. To boost your advertising techniques and determine the CPC for an additional keyword, you must track the quality score for each of your pre-existing keywords.

You must work towards improving the relevance of the landing pages and the ad copy for keywords that exhibit a low score. If you feel despite all efforts, there is no improvement you should ideally delete those keywords and look for a replacement.

Now, after tracking your performance, you must track people’s actions and performance from their end. Track all the terms and keywords people type before they land up on your page. This will assure the quality of your pre-existing AdWords and benefit you with new terms that can boost your engagement.

With tools like AdWords reporting, Analytics, and many more you can precisely track the fruitfulness of each phrase to maximize your consumer base and reduce your costs.


Google Ads are a powerful platform to gain a commercial audience and market for your products. When utilized with the powerful and strategic AdWord techniques, you can end up achieving high brand recognition and awareness amidst your audience.

We hope this article was useful to aid you with all the essential AdWord tricks that constitute an effective ad campaign.

Google ads tips
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