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Google Pixelbook Google News 

Google set to launch new Pixelbook along with Pixel 3 series

Google’s upcoming hardware devices — Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have been in news from quite some time. However, it’s not just the smartphones that the company is planning to launch later this year. According to the new reports, Google is also planning to launch the second-generation Pixelbook this year. Evan Blass tweeted that Google is planning to launch a second-generation Pixelbook with smaller bezels, which will start shipping before the end of this year. This doesn’t seem surprising given that the company has been offering discounts on the first-gen device….

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Android Instant Apps Android Apps Google 

How to use Android Instant Apps

In the year 2016, at the Google I/O, they’ve announced a new feature that will be rolling out to Android devices, called Android Instant apps. The concept is somewhat similar to what the Nextbit Robin phone offered; you’ll be able to use or try the app interface even without installing it. The Instant Apps allows you to access the cloud-based version of the original app on your Android device, even if you haven’t installed the full app from the Google Play Store. This way you can try the app for…

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Google Technology Virtual Reality 

Google Tango Can Open Doors to Your Virtual Reality Ambitions

Google Tango (formerly named Project Tango in-testing) is an Augmented reality computing platform, developed and authored by Google. It uses computer vision to enable mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to detect their position relative to the world around them without using GPS or other external signals. This allows mobile app developers to create user experiences that include indoor navigation, physical space measurement, 3D mapping, environmental recognition, augmented reality, and windows into a virtual world. In the environment of app development, the Google Tango Project set a platform for the development of more applications based on Augmented Reality. Now a days people are so keen on virtual reality experiences…

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Google Assistant Google News 

Google Assistant is coming to Marshmallow and Nougat Android Phones

Google is finally expanding its Assistant to phones beyond the Pixel line. The company is starting to roll out the intelligent assistant feature to nearly all phones running Android Marshmallow and Nougat (some low-end devices excepted.) The update, which will be part of a change to the Google app, will be available in the U.S. beginning this week and will then launch in the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. Once live, you can use the feature by holding down the home button or saying “Okay Google.” Although Google has previously…

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App Maker by Google AppDev Google 

Develop Custom Enterprise Apps with App Maker by Google

Enterprise applications are described as complex, component-based, scalable and mission-critical apps. It is believed that designing and developing such apps means satisfying numerous separate requirements and thus, these applications must meet stringent requirements for administration, maintenance as well as security. In order to build enterprise app successfully, there is a need of new programming tools, architectures, project management and development strategies. However, all are not well-versed in developing apps. If you are the one who is looking forward to develop custom enterprise apps, but you are less technical savvy, then…

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Google Allo Responding in Hindi Google 

Google Allo Responding in Hindi language in India

Google Allo is a smart messaging app launched by Google in September. Recently, Google has introduced Hindi language capability to Smart Reply and Assistant in Google Allo. These new features are to be incorporated in Android and iOS platforms for getting used by all users. Allo is not a chat app which converses with the friends. But, it also includes Google Assistant. The assistant itself is quit an useful feature. The user can just type @Google and get response from the Assistant. This feature is useful in finding the time…

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Google Google I/O Technology 

Google’s Pixel Hardware Event: Key Highlights

Google unveiled the much talked about Smartphone in the Google event, that was held inside a small venue at San Francisco, on Tuesday. Google, the US based technology giant threw out an open challenge to the likes of Amazon and Apple, with a new series of gadgets that are positioned for pursuing the digital lifestyle. The event announced the Pixel phone, a smartphone designed by Google, which enables the company to operate in the highly competitive smartphone industry dominated by such players as Apple, Samsung and others. The event came…

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Google's big hardware event: What to expect Google Technology 

Google’s October 4 Pixel Event: What to expect

Google’s huge October event is just few hours away and during this event in San Francisco, the biggest announcement is expected to be the launch of two high-end Pixel smartphones with Android, which will allow Google to compete directly with Apple. You are expected to hear more about the Amazon Echo competitor, a new chromecast and you will get to hear about Google’s big plans for virtual reality. Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL Both these will have similar specs, but the display on its standard version is 5 inches, whereas…

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pop-up ads Google Technology 

Google will punish sites that use annoying pop-up ads

Google is about to deal a small blow to some of the most annoying ads on mobile: pop-ups and interstitials. It’s not a stretch to argue that readers don’t like these ads. So Google is making a call that websites that use pop-ups and interstitials are worse search results and may rank them lower because of it. There are a “hundreds of signals” that go into Google’s search result rankings, so it’s not like every website that uses these ads will feel pressured to remove them overnight. If a site…

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Google Duo Apps Google 

Google launches its Facetime-like Duo video calling app for Android and iOS

After unveiling Duo at its I/O conference in May, Google has finally launched its free cross-platform video calling app on Android and iOS today. Google Duo lets you make one-on-one video calls with anyone else who has the app; all you need to hit them up is their phone number. At present, it’s fairly basic and its only other notable feature is Knock Knock, which lets you see live video of your caller before you pick up. Google says it’s built Duo for speed and simplicity; the app adjusts the video…

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