Google's big hardware event: What to expect

Google’s October 4 Pixel Event: What to expect

Google’s huge October event is just few hours away and during this event in San Francisco, the biggest announcement is expected to be the launch of two high-end Pixel smartphones with Android, which will allow Google to compete directly with Apple. You are expected to hear more about the Amazon Echo competitor, a new chromecast and you will get to hear about Google’s big plans for virtual reality.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL

Both these will have similar specs, but the display on its standard version is 5 inches, whereas the larger XL will come up with 5.5 inch screen. It is said that both are expected to have the latest in terms of specs, including a new snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm, 4GB of Ram in order to power the operating system as well as the apps. It will also have a full 1080p HD screen on the pixel and will include 12 megapixel cameras as well as fingerprint scanners for security purpose.

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As per rumors, the financing programs will be similar to Apple’s own installment purchase plan of iPhone and it is believed that this might minimize the burden for buyers.


Google Home

Google has already shown its Amazon Echo-like Home device at its IO conference this year. This voice-activated speaker has been effectively designed to answer questions properly and play music. It serve as a control hub for the IoT gear.

Due to the Google I/O, we are aware of the fact that it will have company’s new assistant that can be seen in the messaging app, Allo and will work with smart home devices.

google home

Chromecast Ultra

Google’s minimalist approach to the TV streaming category continues with this rumored evolution of the Chromecast, which is said to support 4K video streaming and potentially also HDR. It’s reported price will be $69, putting it still well under competitors like the latest Apple TV.

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This minor update to the Chromecast is a further continuation of Google’s light-handed approach to streaming; basically, they’re enabling basic tech improvements, while leaving the content/navigation/interface to the smartphone devices users are already more comfortable with to begin with. Adding 4K is a way to address some market demand inexpensively and early, which is smart on Google’s part.

Daydream VR

Google has already revealed that its new VR platform, Daydream VR, is built right into Android 7 (Nougat), for devices that have the specs to support it. But a key ingredient for Daydream will be hardware headsets and controllers for the VR experience.

The word on the street is that Google will unveil a first-party Daydream VR headset and controller, to set the stage for third-party options to follow. Or it might just unveil the first tangible partner products for this platform. Either way, we’ll hopefully get an update on Daydream and how we can start using it – this could be the next big moment for consumer VR, if it gets included in enough devices next year and OEMs do what they can to support it.

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Google WiFi

Google already has OnHub routers, but it’ll introduce a new router device at the event tomorrow that’s designed more to be the anchor of an extensible network for whole-home coverage, reports suggest. This $129 device will be able to pair up with others to form a flexible, simple to use and configure extended network, similar to devices like the Eero.


If you are not in the city or you don’t have an invite, then you can tune into the livestream on Google’s YouTube channel.

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