Growth Hacks For E-commerce: 12+ Tactics You Can Try Right Now

E-commerce is considered to be one of the most renewed and well-defined business module that is being widely used all across the globe. Most of the bloggers and digital entrepreneurs have compiled. An e-commerce strategy is to maximize the overall sales. There are several different ways Google uses to maximize the authenticity of your e-commerce stores.

Let me tell you that 2021 is about to begin, and strategies are still changing, so it’s always better to avail of the strategies that will help you get maximum sales. For most startup and business creators, the e-commerce business module could be the best option to start with.

To succeed, you need to know about tactics and strategies to fuel your e-commerce business growth. After researching a lot, we have compiled some of the hacks and tactics that you should try to scale your business. 

If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post as I will be completing some other hot ways that will surely help you chase the e-commerce business module. With that being said, let’s dive deep into it. 

Growth Hacking Tactics For E-commerce

Following is the list of top 12+ tactics for e-commerce that you can follow.

1. Know What Customer Thinks

It doesn’t matter how beautiful you have created your product and how you advertise it in a sophisticated manner. Still, it should definitely convince the consumers in certain instances so that they will purchase it.

Providing social proof is one of the best ways to enhance yourself just because human psychology is usually built to Look upon people’s opinions. When it comes to the e-commerce business module, the customer allows hearing from another buyer who has experienced the product. 

So if the rating and feedback are good, they will proceed with that specific product, and surely they will share it with colleagues and friends as well, and it will automatically maximize your sales.

If you are still confused here, we have shortlisted a couple of techniques that you can use in your e-commerce website or store to showcase the people opinion:- 

Testimonial:- testimonial is crucial terminology that you should definitely not miss out on in the e-commerce business because it will highlight all of the features and the likes and dislikes of the specific product. So you should definitely provide the section where people can put their opinions.

Customer review: The customer review is one of the most crucial entities that will positively impact your e-commerce Store. You might have been noticed that Amazon usually serves the rating section where the buyers can actually rate and comment on it. 

2. Guest Post


In the present scenario, guest posts greatly impact most of the blogs that you get to be on the search engine’s top. When it comes to the e-commerce business, you can take advantage of this post if you have loyal buyers.

All you need to do is approach other blogs related to your industry and write a guest post by building and internal links to your blog. It will help you to drive traffic from that specific blog to your blog. It’s been observed that you can reach out to as many audiences and make them purchase your product by using the guest post method.

While writing a guest post, it’s the way essential for you to know about a couple of things that we have shortlisted:

Avoid promotional guest post:- this is the most common mistake that usually people make initially while writing a guest post. While writing this post, you should not mainly focus on promotion; instead, start explaining the brand and product you’re serving.

Internal links:- the importance of backlinks is very crucial when it comes to blogging. You can take full advantage of it by adding internal links in the blog post that will drive your e-commerce store’s traffic. 

3. Send Them Thank You Cards


Serving the best possible shopping experience could be the best way to enhance the capability of your brand. Especially when it comes to the e-commerce business, you will always need to make your customers happy. 

While delivering the shipment serving them the handwritten Thank you card will surely help you maximize the business growth just because it feels appreciated by your customers. 

This can also be done virtually. All you need to do is send them the thank you email and appreciate them for shopping through the website, enhancing your store’s capability. Due to this, the consumer will shortly get back to your website while shopping. 

4. Use Exit Pop-ups


Pop-ups are the best way to enhance your e-commerce store’s capability, especially if you are running and business for a stop if you are supposed to grab your audience’s attention to set up the exit-intent pop-ups on your website.

It means whenever the user will live your website, the popup will appear in front of them, and where is discount coupons, and another office will be served to them through that specific popup notification. You can even use this strategy to Grab the emails for newsletter purposes.

It’s one of the authentic ways to grab a decent audience that will attract your blog. By doing so, your sales will increase by 2X, which is a good thing; along with that, you can even proceed with the email newsletter ad well. 

5. Share Order Confirmations


The e-commerce business is not a short-term game as you need to know that to succeed in the e-commerce business, you need to build a strong relationship with the prospective audience. If you are just a beginner out there and willing to get maximum sales, you can ask them to share that specific product they buy during order confirmation.

You can even share some of the social media handles as well, like Facebook, Twitter, and email, through which they will be able to share that specific product with their friends and colleagues.

Adding a ‘click to tweet’ button is one of the essential processes that you can proceed with to get the advantage of acquiring enough sales. If you or someone like me wants to build stronger relationships with users, make sure to use this strategy to help them reach out to your store back while having any other purchases. 

6. Social Engagement Cards

In the digital marketing industry, engagement cards play a crucial role in signifying your e-commerce businesses’ overall profit. In such a case, social engagement cards play a crucial role in serving you with the best possible results. 

As we all know, Facebook plays a crucial role, and you can take advantage of it by providing your profile details through the engagement cards to your consumers. You can even encourage them by serving the best-visualized cards that will enhance the possibility of your business growth. 

You can hire freelancers who will get your job done to prepare social engagement cards to offer to your consumers. Offer the rewards for better attention towards your business. 

Apart from this, you can even invite them and share some of the gifts on social media. Ask them to tag the store for a better commencement, so definitely use this strategy. 

7. Send Buy Again Emails


Whether you are running any of the Other businesses other than e-commerce, you will get consumers to fulfill your need. Acquiring the already purchased products or services from your brand earlier is an effective technique that you should definitely use to build a strong relationship with them.

In such a case, email marketing is one of the authentic toolkits that you should definitely use to maximize your business module’s true potential. While sending the email, you should definitely include the recommended products to take action upon it—the chances of getting sales to get increased, which is a good thing. 

You can even design the email as per the better commencement so that the user will like that specific comment and your sales get increased, which makes the true sense to take advantage of the email. 

8. Personalize Homepage


You probably heard of the statement which states as ‘ first impression is the last impression and that is true at certain instances just because if you provide the personalized experience to your consumers the chances of coming back to your bra and gets increased and also they will recommend it to their contacts as well.

Design the homepage and landing page in such a way that it will specialize the shopping experience. You should definitely add the tracking feature so that they will be able to track the specific product they are about to grab. 

Amazon is a great example that you can check what they are serving in their landing page for a homepage and accordingly create your own. 

9. Set The Referrals

Reference is one of the authentic ways to gain attention towards your brand, and once you add it to your website for an e-commerce store, you will surely see the results you get will increase with time. 

You can serve your customers the referral links through which they’ll get benefits. In that specific reference, you can ask them to share your website, and apart from that, they will get some cashback for gift coupons as well, which is a good thing. At the early stage of development, this is one of the best ways to take advantage of sales. So definitely check it out. 

10. Cross Sell and Up Sell


Whenever the user lights up on your website, they might be looking for the best and most valuable products for the purchases. But it doesn’t mean that you will force them to purchase the product, but you can try out a certain way to purchase the product. 

Let me explain what is cross-selling and upselling is. 

Cross-selling: Cross-selling means recommending the customers to purchase the complementary items they are looking for. 

Up-selling:- Upselling means that you are trying to encourage buyers to upgrade their purchases in a sophisticated manner. 

So for the first time, all you need to do is encourage your consumer to purchase the product if they are the freshers apart from this. The existing customers can evolve in your website by contacting them through email and letting them know about a specific product’s up-gradation. 

11. Show How Others Are Shopping 

Motivation is the key to success in e-commerce businesses. You can proceed with it by conveying the other consumer’s reviews and testimonials to have purchased the specific product from your industry. This is one of the best ways that you can quickly start your e-commerce growth. 

Credibility is important. You can encourage the other consumers by providing the feedback assistance to get to that to know the solution for any of the queries. You can also leverage your business module by serving the customer care support. I will highly recommend you provide live chat support for the maximum support assistants, making the platform even more authentic and genuine. 

To get started, Fomo is one of the best tools that allows you to set up the customer care service upon your website for the store to customize according to the requirement. 

12. Retargeting Ads


Retargeting ads is one of the best ways to address your audience by adopting their attention by serving some beneficial entities like cashback and giveaways. Display the ads on Google AdWords so that they will showcase your e-commerce store ads on top of other blogs related to the industry. 

Once you begin with this process, you will surely notice that the number of consumers will drastically increase at a certain point and get maximum sales. 

13. Create A Sense Of Urgency


Each of the parapsychologies is maintained in such a way that you can showcase them the FOMO; if you are the one who is supposed to get the maximum amount of sales, you should definitely try it out. There are several different ways that you can write off by yourself to get attention towards the product. 

Following are some of the examples that you can try out for getting traction towards the site: 

  • Showcase the amount of time left for the offer.
  • Showcase the amount ks time left for free shipping.
  • Showcase the number of items left. 

14. Showcasing The Trusted Badges


There might be few names in your Industry that have owned the recognition throughout the group, and you can take advantage of it by serving the pages of their industry for the logo on your website. Trust can be built over time, so if you want to take advantage of it, you should definitely try out this method. 

You might have noticed that most of the e-commerce stores used to showcase the partnered brands that collaborated to serve the best possible products to the users. You can do the same in your e-commerce store as well to get the maximum amount of traction. Surely the sales you get is way more. 

The placement is way more important source following are the places where you can place them on your site:

  • Website footer
  • Product pages
  • Check out pages

15. Reduce The Input Fields

The consumer usually gets frustrated just because of fulfilling much while checking out the product, which might not be very pleasant for some people out there. All you need to do is minimize the number of feels they can input while checking out the cart’s product. 

The address is essential that you should mention apart from that cut off the unnecessary things that do not make the same by doing so, you will surely get results, and the user will never leave the store at any instance. 

Final Verdict

E-commerce business is one of the trendings terms that you should not ignore at any instance. Especially if you are already an e-commerce store owner, you should never do it by customizing the thought process according to the trending ways. 

So I have shared the top tactics that you should definitely apply in your e-commerce store for maintaining the sustainability of the consumer base. 

Growth Hacks For E-commerce Tactics You Can Try Right Now
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