How-To-Guide for Improving WordPress Website Lead Conversion

Businesses all over the globe consider WordPress as their preferred E-commerce platform. With the help of this platform, you can set up your E-commerce store easily (even if you are non-techy) and can sell your products and services. But, making your WordPress E-shop popular among online shoppers, generating traffic and converting visitors into leads is not an easy job.

You face tough competition from existing E-retailers and it takes a considerable amount of time to establish your E-store in E-business. Another problem in the online business is that many online shoppers visit your site, but they never buy your products and services.

So, how you can attract more and more genuine online shoppers to your WordPress E-shop and motivate them to make transactions? Some useful tips are detailed here below that will help you boost your sales rapidly:

1. Effective SEO

In order to get traffic and improve conversions, you need to optimize your website for Google and other search engines using the best SEO practices. There are many ways to optimize your website and help it rank on the first page of Google. Generally, normal E-retailers are not well-acquainted with various complex terms of SEO. If you are among such people, don’t hesitate to hire the services of expert SEO professionals and webmasters.

Skilled SEO professionals take several steps to improve your site’s ranking in different search engines. When your site ranks up in the SERPs, a healthy flow of traffic is diverted to your site and chances of lead generation get increased manifold.

2. Customize your Landing Page

Actually, a site’s landing page is a web page that is created to motivate visitors to take an adequate knowledge about your products and services and make purchasing decisions. Make sure your site’s landing page has contact information (Email, Contact Numbers), images, testimonials, social share buttons, call to action buttons as all these help online shoppers to make purchasing decisions.

3. Do active Blogging for Brand Awareness

Blogging is an important component of traffic generation strategies as the buying decisions of online shoppers are largely defined by blog content. Blog contents will give a wider exposure to your E-commerce site in Google and other search engines and will help you to get qualified traffic easily.

You must provide industry news (latest developments and news of your E-store) to your visitors as far as possible. It helps you to keep your potential customers informed about new products and services and they tend to buy more from your E-store.

4. Effective Social Media Strategy

E-commerce and social media go hand in hand and you need to make use of different social media channels as a part of branding strategy and broader traffic generation. You need to create attractive text, audio, video, image contents and share it on various social media channels.

An aggressive social Media marketing helps you a lot in customer acquisition, engagement and conversion. Take all possible steps to increase your social media followers as far as possible and convince them to buy your products and services.

5. Take Steps to Increase the Number of Newsletter Subscribers

Emil remains one of the most popular and useful channels for digital marketing despite the immense popularity of different social media channels. Generally, Email response rates are higher than the response rates on social media channels. The ugly truth of website visitors is that they are highly mobile. They may visit your site and vanish in seconds- probably never to come back to your website again.

To address such customers, you can ask them to sign-up for your mailing list. Once they subscribe your newsletters, you can send relevant emails to them to introduce new products and hot deals. In this way, you can generate sufficient leads. You can use various email marketing tools for WordPress to increase the number of your subscribers.

6. Make your E-store Mobile Friendly

Online shopping is rapidly moving towards various mobile devices. Mobile visitors contribute a lot to your site’s traffic and they also make shopping decisions if they are satisfied with your products and services. That is why, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

If you fail to do so, it will offer a poor browsing experience to online shoppers (who use mobile devices for shopping) and increase the bounce rate of your website, which will affect your store’s visibility in different search engines. Google downgrades the rankings of all those websites that are not mobile responsive.

7. Do Active Guest Blogging

Guest blogging helps you to increase your brand image, obtain high quality backlinks and generate traffic to your website.

Just find out the most popular blogs (related to your business), go through their posts, reader’s comments and find out what your potential customers searching. Create a high quality guest post and offer it to the blogs you have chosen. In order to obtain traffic & Email subscribers from guest blogging, you need to offer something especial (such as discounts, hot deals, free commodities on the purchase of other products, etc).

8. Product Pages with Proper Description

E-commerce websites can do well in SERPs if their product pages have the right structure and relevant contents. As online shoppers can’t see your products physically, It is the content, that help online shoppers to make buying decisions..

Make sure you have product pages on your E-shop which contain relevant titles, appropriate description about the products, images (taken from several angles), reviews, related blog post and similar products. It will help potential buyers to get complete information about the products they are searching.

9. Shopping Cart & Checkout System

Currently, the average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. All E-retailers need to tackle this as soon as possible in order to stay long in E-business. Make sure your E-store has a shopping cart that allows potential buyers to select and collect the products they have chosen. You also need to provide your customer an easy checkout system.

Apart from this, you need to display a clear information about inventory management, shipping, refunds and returns and customer service policy on your site. This will keep your customers informed about E-business and they will possibly make smart buying decisions.

10. Use WordPress Lead Generation Plugins

As lead generation is an important part of E-commerce business, many times you don’t get the desired output against your efforts. Without enough lead generation, it will be difficult for you to find out new customers and explore new business opportunities.

If you are also facing problems in lead generation, you can make use of dozens of plugins that can help you a lot to capture leads easily. However, you need to be careful while using WordPress plugins as using too many plugins may slow down your site loading speed which might affect your E-business. Use only those plugins which are potentially perfect for your business objectives.

11. Customer Behaviour Analysis

It is important for all E-retailers to keep a close eye on the activities of their customers and find out what they are looking for. It helps them to get an idea about the buying habits of customers and they can design their marketing strategy in accordance with that output.

To perform this work, there are various tools like Google Analytics, Session Replay and Heatmaps. It helps you to get insight details of your customer and helps you to woo your existing customer and potential buyers with more effective marketing strategies.


Generating traffic to an E-commerce site and converting them into leads is not an easy assignment. It requires a lot of analysis and be ready 24*7 to assist your potential buyers in all possible manner when they place orders for products and services. Just implement the above mentioned tips and suggestion honestly to meet your target of lead generation.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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