Hacks to Automate Your Life

Okay, a decade back everyone thought that by 2020, robots will be running the house. Too bad it doesn’t look like that will happen yet, but until then, the technology has advanced far enough to make many boring, routine, and energy-sucking tasks less so.

From smartphones to remote-controlled garden sprinklers, we have so many tools to make use of and sometimes you can automate your life even without the help of technology. We already use a lot of automation at work, marketing automation, code automation, email automation etc, but what can we do to automate our daily lives, not just work life specifically.

Let’s delve into some hacks to automate your life:

1. Consider home automation

There are many new gadgets in the market for home automation. We have remote-controlled front doors to smart LED bulbs. This technology can indeed make your life much easy.

For instance, did you know that Amazon’s Echo using a software like IFTTT helps you control home devices like thermostats and lights?

Let me tell you, this is not about laziness, this is about saving energy where and when you can.

Of course, we still don’t have robots to take care of our homes, but until then we can use what technology we have to give our busy lives a break.

2. Use tools to automatically pay your bills

Paying bills! Ugh! One of the most boring tasks ever, yet you have to do it every month.

But wait, what if we can automate that?!

There are many apps out there to help you take care of your bills every month. Mint.com is one such app which allows you create budgets and automatically pay your bills every month.

Plus, apps like this, which allow you to have budgets can also help you meet your financial goals, without you having to be conscious about your spending all the time and that, again, will save time.

3. Set your computer maintenance in auto mode

Let’s admit it, we make most of our money on a computer. It is, too, important a tool to be just ignored.

Regular computer maintenance can save you from the disaster of losing all your work to a virus, for example.

For starters, your computer needs regular:

  • Anti-virus scans
  • Cleaning the cache and temporary files

There are tools and softwares for you to automate this whole process. You will never have to look into it and let the software do its job, every month. This way, you can keep your computer safe without having to spend your precious time on it.

4. Strike deals with local stores

Okay, this one doesn’t require any tools or software programs, just your common sense and your negotiation skills.

Here’s the deal – always look for ways to make life easier for yourself.

For example, strike an agreement with your local grocery store. Give them a list of groceries and ask them to deliver them to you every month and you can pay them a little extra for doing that; most shopkeepers are more than happy to do such favors if it means regular business to them.

This way you don’t have to worry or spend your time on it.

5. Make use of the new app integration technique

Again, thanks to technology, you can integrate your apps to automatically do things for you. The IFTTT allows you to do the same.

For example, every time a friend tags you on a Facebook picture you can automate such that the picture will get downloaded to your Dropbox app. This particular app allows you to do many more tasks like to save articles for later, edit Instagram pictures, add to-dos for Siri etc.

6. Let technology do the reminding

This probably is a moot point now, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Tools like Evernote, Any.Do etc can come as life savers indeed. They take a lot of your mind and your hands. If you have a meeting to attend to or an appointment to keep – don’t slow yourself down by having to keep at the top of your head throughout the week.

Leave it to these apps to send you reminders, whenever you need them to. Also, you can use them as daily planners to keep your day organized, minimizing the time and energy waste. In fact there are about a gazillion productivity tools and apps which can save your time and energy.

7. Make use of tech gadgets too

I have been talking about software tools and apps, so far, but there are also tech gadgets that can make your life real easy, if you are willing to shell out some money, of course!

A smartpen called Livescribe takes a backup of everything you note down and saves a digital copy of the notes.

Another tool called Wocket smart wallet can convert all your cards Gas card, shopping card, credit card etc into one single pin-protected card.

Lifestyle gadgets such as Fitbit, can help you monitor your health and lifestyle habits on the go.

These are just a few of about a gazillion gadgets that can come to your rescue.

8. Break down your tasks

This isn’t exactly automation, it helps nonetheless. We usually put off our household chores until they pile on and turn scary.

Instead of keeping 2 weeks of laundry for one single day, I would suggest breaking it down into manageable chunks of work over the 2 works. You can break it down to such an extent that the work would become almost unnoticeable to you.

For instance, clean the house in regular bursts and mix it up with some of your workout moves.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

Hacks to Automate Your Life

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