Create Your Perfect Workflow To Automate Repetitive Tasks at Scale With Hexomatic

TLDR: Go beyond website scraping and delegate time consuming tasks with our powerful point & click work automation platform. Get Hexomatic lifetime deal at just $75.00.

What is the biggest bottleneck in your business?

Chances are time and resources rank high in the list. You have lots of ideas, plans and opportunities but only so many hours in the day or resources to make things happen.

But what if you could harness the internet as your own data source, leverage the most sophisticated AI services and most importantly a crowdsourced team of human assistants via a simple point and click automation platform?

No coding, no hiring, just Lego-style blocks you can put together to create your perfect workflow to automate repetitive tasks at scale, so your team can focus on higher value work.

Hexomatic is a no-code, work automation platform that enables you to harness the internet as your own data source, leverage the most sophisticated AI services and a crowdsourced team of human assistants to automate and delegate time consuming tasks.

Make the internet your own data source with our point and click website scraping engine

Automate time consuming data collection with visual point and click website scraping, enabling you to scrape data at scale from any website. No coding or PhD in programming required.

Within minutes you can create a reusable automation recipe to extract text, numbers and images automatically from single or multiple pages using pagination navigation support.

Community and premium automations

You can run automations on demand or schedule these to get fresh, accurate data that syncs natively to Google Sheets or can be used in any automation sequence.

Each plan comes with a monthly renewing quota of page requests (one request is made per page scraped) and includes IP rotation as standard.

Get access to native, community and premium automations

Hexomatic provides native automations and actions you can use as lego blocks inside a workflow to use alongside your own scraping recipes.

Our Q3 goal is to enable any user to share their best scraping automations with the community so that anyone can run a wide range of ready made automations for different websites, industries and use cases.

For more difficult data scraping scenarios, you can also access premium automations managed by our team such as our Google search or Google Maps automations, enabling you to extract search engine results for any location (no scraping, proxies or hair pulling required).

Leverage a crowdsourced workforce inside your workflows coming in Q3

The problem with most tools and services is that they usually require an expensive and time consuming human element to execute. Whether to gather information, verify data, write content or make decisions.

Hexomatic is working on a crowdsourced team of assistants that can work on a per task basis to perform actions such as finding information on a page, labeling or content writing using our premium credits.

Create any workflow by chaining together automation blocks and custom actions

A workflow is a series of actions you can chain together like lego to delegate repetitive or time consuming tasks.

You can start a workflow from a list of keywords, URLS, a CSV file, or any website scraping automation recipe.

Then for each line item, you can perform actions or automations just like a flow diagram with conditional logic.

If you’re into lead generation, you could create a workflow that fetches the top 50 ranking websites for a specific keyword, capture contact or social media information for each website along with tech stack data and leverage our crowdsourced workforce to find team members from their about pages.

Hexomatic was built to help businesses automate and scale time consuming tasks.

Let’s review some common usecases for Hexomatic:

Growth Hackers

Hexomatic is the ultimate growth hacking platform, enabling you to create your own scraping recipes and combining any of our 25+ automations to create your perfect workflow to mine data from the internet, enrich data and do this at scale.

B2B lead generation / prospecting

Finding fresh prospects is time consuming. With Hexomatic you can:

-Scrape Google Search and Google Maps to find prospects in any niche / geographical location using advanced search parameters
-Enrich leads by extracting email addresses, social media profiles, detecting the techstack used on their website, get the WHOIS details
-Filter and prioritize leads by estimating their traffic metrics and traffic sources


Keeping fresh product data from suppliers or competitors is time consuming.
With Hexomatic you can scrape entire websites one time or on a schedule saving product data (including images, descriptions, pricing, etc.) to a CSV or sync to a live Google Sheet.


Find new product or marketing ideas by scraping Google or leverage machine translation at scale to localise your marketing materials, banners, ads or website pages via CSV / Google Sheets and DeepL/Google Translate.


Find backlink opportunities by scraping Google for new leads or leverage our meta tags scraper to extract meta tags or content at scale for a list of pages.

Research / Data entry

Create your own bot to capture data at scale from most websites and enrich it using one of our 25+ automations.

Web design agencies

Hexomatic can create web page screenshots at scale in one of 7 different device sizes (from mobile handsets to 4K desktop size) and save the URLs in a CSV/Google Sheet for review.

The possibilities are endless.

Once a workflow has run, you can export your data in CSV, to Google sheets or sync your data to a live Google sheet automagically.

Hexomatic plans to integrate in Q3 with Zapier, Pabbly, Integrately and Syncspider enabling you to send your data to thousands of compatible apps and services.

Normally you would pay $150/year, but for a limited time only you can get Hexomatic lifetime access starting at $75 one-time.

Buy Hexomatic @ Just $75 (Save Upto 95%)


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