How Technology Helps You Maximize Results for Your Product

Developing a new product is difficult, but its marketing is even more difficult. Here we want to point out how technology can help those who cannot afford a full-fledged digital marketing campaign.

Let’s take two hypothetical scenarios to clear your doubts about technology’s role in promoting your product:

First scenario: You and your team are locked in the ‘Batcave’ for developing a cool product. Imagination, ideas, efforts, errors, sweat, and tears are your companions probably for a few months. You invest time and energy while experimenting with your creativity and expertise.

Second scenario: Your brainchild is ready, and you are eager to show the hard-earned outcome to the world. You set up the stage to unveil your product and finally launch it in a grand manner.

Let’s face it. The second scenario is not as easy as it may seem thanks to the ever-increasing competition across all industry verticals. Before preparing an outreach list and formatting a pitch email to everyone related to your product, you need to think twice. Here, technology comes to your rescue.

Read on to know how it helps you get the most from your product right from its launch:

Before launch

You cannot skip the user’s perspective in both pre and post-production stage. Once you are ready with the product, you have to push it hard among media persons including journalists. Journalists are skeptical by nature, and all they want is hard facts. To convince them of your big mission, you need to present the data through attractive infographics. Piktochart is a good tool for this purpose.

You deadly require some early opinions and feedback to mend early glitches before pitching your product in front of the media. You can do so by using an online beta testing service like UserTesting.

You can also develop a beta version and send it to all your friends, relatives, and stakeholders for previewing the product before launch. Remember the UX plays the most critical role in ensuring your product’s success.

During launch

You can maximize exposure for your product by bringing it to the community of people who are interested in the products similar to your product. ProductHunt platform facilitates you to place your product and engage with the right people.

Social media channels also helps you to find and contact the moderator who has an experience of launching products similar to yours. You can also find out active members with a lot of followers using platforms like Hunter Data. A favorable posting from such influencers matters the most during the launch of your product. You can find influencers who work in the same or similar industry segment through using tools like Buzzsumo and Little Bird.

Also, you must find out the right journalists to cover the launch event through following eight etiquettes. You can find the most suitable journalists for your products using platforms like MuckRack that show a journalist’s profile based on the stories they have covered in the past.

Finally, organize your mailing list for better outreach. You can take help of tools like Meltwater and Prezly to organize and track the email process.

Remember that gaining traction since inception is a herculean task. You can achieve it through organized attempts only.

After launch

If everything goes smoothly as per your planning, you can get a lot of upvotes and enough attention for your product. Then the real part starts: you need to answer all the queries and remain in touch actively with your prospects.

You can take help of social media channels for establishing relations with consumers, but what if you do not have a team for offering customer service? Well, you can take help of customizable bots. You can get trainable customer service bots either from AgentBot or Twyla for responding a vast range of customer queries and concerns.

Finally, analyze your campaign since the launch day for learning things. You can track the web traffic, conversion rate and the results of your campaign with the help of tools like Optimizely and Google Analytics. It will help you improve the service in the future. Without data analytics, you will be unable to find out the loopholes of your product campaign.

In a way, even if you struggle with human resources at the initial phase, technology can lend a helping hand in implementing an effective and efficient campaign for your product.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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