How To Make Money From Blogging in 2021

According to a survey of 1,000 bloggers by, conducted in 2012, 81% of bloggers never make even $100 from blogging, while only 17% of them are able to support their family or sustain their lifestyle with their blogs. The remaining 2% make more than $150K by blogging less than 2 hours a day.

When it comes to professional blogging, there are two main approaches to it:

a) Start your own blog from scratch
b) Be an employed blogger for an established site or company or a freelancer.

The second option is much easier than the first one because getting a job with an established organization can earn you good living right away. A lot more work and effort needs to be put in starting and monetizing your own blog. You will have no real career trajectory to base your expectations and plans on. Some people have made fortunes with their blogs, while others have not made any dollars yet.

How to Make Money Blogging

make money from blogging

1. Quality Content

“Quality is king.” is a quote frequently used by online marketing experts and writers. The content of your blog should be genuine, interesting, original, and infused with your own personality. Always be honest, and also transparent when it adds value to what you are writing. To achieve that, you need to know what is your niche and what kind of audience you would like to attract (define your ideal readers). The content you create must be of value to the lives of your readers because it is the only way to attract great quality readers.

2. Build An Email List

Building an email list is one of the best ways to make decent money from your blog. You should start building an email list from day one because if you are not doing it, you are surely losing money on the table. What are the best ways of growing an email list?

a) Use social media networks. Social media is only becoming bigger, and spending quality time on engaging with potential customers there means attracting more people to visit your website. Create Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and start growing your network.

b) Drive more traffic. Your email list will grow faster if you improve your website traffic. Use PPC ads, blog comments, and guest posts to drive traffic to your landing pages or blog.

c) By using an effective call to actions, you will convince visitors to subscribe to your mailing list more easily. Instead of writing stuff people are fed up, like “get free updates” or “subscribe”, use call to actions that are more effective, such as “download your report” or “get your freebie now”.

3. Affiliate Income

A recent survey of Techlofy readers found that affiliate promotions were the most common type of income that our readers have.

To put it most simply – affiliate income is when you link to a product that is for sale on another site (take Amazon for example) and if someone follows your link and ends up buying that product you earn a commission on that sale.

There’s more to it than that but this is another great place to start with monetizing your blog as affiliate programs are easy to sign up for and if you have an engaged audience you will find they follow the recommendations that you make on products.

Further reading on affiliate income:

4. Recurring Income

Another growing category of income that I’m seeing more and more bloggers are experimenting is recurring income streams (sometimes called continuity programs or membership programs).

This is where readers pay a regular recurring amount (usually on a monthly or annual basis) for access to either premium content, a community area, some kind of service, tools, coaching (or some combination of these things).

5. Promoting a Business

Many brick and mortar businesses indirectly make money from their blogs by using their blogs to grow their profile and direct readers to their business.

6. Google AdSense

Once your blog starts getting extensive traffic, you can earn some decent money by using Google AdSense. It is still one of the most effective ways to monetize a blog. If your blog is getting a thousand visits a day, you can earn $200-$300 on a monthly basis by leveraging your blog traffic.

7. Services

A common way that many bloggers make money is by offering services to their readers. These might be anything from coaching and consulting, to writing or copywriting, to design, training or other freelance services.

This is not meant to discourage you, but you should be aware that success will not come easily or quickly. You will have to produce a lot of content in order to generate a significant income, and that means investing a lot of time. If you are persistent and hardworking, you will see results in a matter of months.

I hope that this article has helped you on your journey to make money from a blog.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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