How to Order Online from Reliance JioMart on WhatsApp

In the world of e-commerce platforms, Jio-mart has gained its name recently. Launched in January this year, it assists several small grocery shops and upcoming merchants in enabling them to serve the Indian consumers.

Now, in recent news, Facebook got hold of shares in the Reliance company, enabling it to be the greatest minority shareholder in this Indian company. Post this historic share market venture of $5.7 billion, Whatsapp, which is owned by Facebook, formulated a commercial agreement with Reliance Jio and its online e-commerce platform Jiomart.

With the help of technology, Jio-mart not only reaches out to a network of small scale Grocery stores but also has enabled customers to shop in a variety of over 50,000 products that include groceries and other essential items along with labels owned by Reliance Retail. Now, you can place an order on Whatsapp to obtain your items. 

This article hence guides you through the simple process of online shopping on JioMart through Whatsapp. Let’s get started!

How to order from Reliance JioMart on WhatsApp

Steps to follow:

  • To begin with, first, save the number +91-88500 08000 as JioMart on your phone. 
  • Post the saving of the number in your contact base, open your WhatsApp application, and look for the saved contact. If you are unable to find it, make sure you refresh your page for the new chat to be available. 
  • Click on the JioMart contact and message saying ‘Hi.’
  • After you send this message, you immediately receive an auto-generated message that gives you two important things- the guidelines about this online service and a unique link that has validity only for 30 minutes. 
  • The guidelines include important information like all the orders placed using JioMart before 7 pm will be available for pickup in the nearest Grocery store associated with JioMart within the span of the successive two days. As discussed above, it also notifies the regions where the service is currently available, i.e., only in the suburban areas of Mumbai, namely Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan.
  • Now, to talk about the unique link, it has to be utilized within the next half an hour. Post that, the link will expire, and the consumer will have to resend ‘Hi’ as an introductory message to receive the link again. 
  • To continue with your shopping venture, you click on the link, which leads to the JioMart page on the browser. Now it is time for you to fill in all the basic personal information in the columns of this page. These include your home address and contact details. 
  • After filling the details, tap on ‘Proceed.’
  • Now, finally, a curated list of available items in the nearby Grocery stores associated with JioMart appears. It is your turn to pick the items you want as a part of your order. 
  • On completion of the ordering procedure, Jiomart successfully displays the total amount payable, and you receive another WhatsApp message. 
  • This message from JioMart comprises further crucial details. It tells you the name and address of the local Grocery store associated with Jiomart, along with a link of Google maps for an accurate idea of the location. 
  • This is the place where you need to retrieve your order. The service is so efficient that once the order is ready to be collected, you receive a confirmation text from JioMart so that you can proceed towards the store. That is not all. For convenient inquiries, JioMart also provides you with a phone number. 
  • In regards to the payment, it works well for the customer as it has to be made only when the order is picked up.

How to Order Online from Reliance JioMart on WhatsApp 2

Thus by following these easy steps, you can avail the products of your choice comfortably by the assistance of JioMart and its Whatsapp facility. 

In conclusion

In the ongoing crisis of lockdown, this Whatsapp feature by JioMart is a revolutionary idea. The Reliance industry further plans to sell its private labels through Grocery stores like Masti Oye, Kaffe, Mopz, Enzo, Home One, Good Life, Best Farms, and Expelz.

The JioMart is different from several other online platforms as it not only enables customers to obtain essential items during the quarantine. It also is a blessing for small shops to boost their business and generate brand new employment opportunities. 

It aims to empower and equip over three crore small scale stores and give them a consumer base for the future. Thus JioMart is a big achievement as it works both digitally and allows offline transactions. The Reliance company is working towards the launching and expansion of this service throughout the country. 

We hope this article was objective enough to give you a clear idea about this new technology that allows you to avail of essentials within a few easy clicks.

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