HR Tools That Are Changing the Business World

As technology evolves, so too does the way that we do business. And nowadays, it seems like there’s a gadget for everything. Don’t get us wrong—we’re not complaining, but it can be a little hard to stay up-to-date with all of the different types of software and online tools. 

The human resources aspect of a business, in particular, is experiencing a whirlwind of a makeover. In this post, we’re going to go over some of the HR tools that are redefining the world of business.

5 HR Tools That Are Changing the Business World

1. Time Clock Software 

Time Is Money—and Sanity

The first employee time clock was invented in 1888, and boy, oh, boy, have we come a long way since then. Time clock software is the latest, fastest way of recording employees’ hours on the clock. Not only does time clock software cut down on administrative work, but it also ensures precision and authenticity—meaning you don’t have to worry as much about time theft and your employees don’t need to wonder how accurate your company’s timekeeping system is.


One of the cool things about time clock software is that you don’t need to buy or install any new equipment: The software uses cloud technology, which means that you can access it from any Internet-connected device.

So, how does time clock software work? Basically, every employee is given an account to sign in and out of at the beginning and end of each shift. The login method is up to the employer, and some of the options include username and password, scannable QR codes, and even facial recognition.

2. Scheduling Software 

Streamlining Scheduling with the Cloud

Employee scheduling software is similar in nature to time clock software, and most time clock companies have a scheduling feature that’s either built-in or available for an additional cost. With scheduling software, you can create and manage employee scheduling on a cloud-based platform, which means that schedules can be edited from anywhere and shared with the click of a button. 

There’s no denying that scheduling eats away at a large chunk of time every week, and while you might not be able to do away with the task entirely, you can make it a lot easier and more convenient. Plus, scheduling software has a good deal of benefits for employees, too—they’ll be able to check the schedule and make requests for time-off on-the-go, and you can even send out notifications when a new schedule has been published or an existing one has been edited, which means that everyone will always have the most recent version of the schedule. 

3. Automated Resume Screening

Outreach and Recruitment Are Faster Than Ever

Thanks to automation and artificial intelligence (AI), companies can find new employees without having to dedicate as much time to the recruitment process. Automated resume screening tools are a smart, efficient way to sift through applications and see which employees are qualified for a position without having to look at each resume individually. 

There are various types of resume screening tools, but the most popular include resume parsers with search functions—which allow you to search for specific keywords—and intelligent resume screeners—which use AI to assess experience, skill level, and performance. 

4. Performance Management Software

Understanding Your Company on Every Level

Performance management software allows employers to track analyze employees with a greater level of depth and specificity. On an employer’s side, this means understanding performance and productivity better, as well as getting an idea of how well certain company policies and strategies are working; while on the employee’s side, it means more opportunities to demonstrate competency, talent, and success, which in turn means more opportunities to move up.


Too many employees feel undervalued and underappreciated, which can make it difficult to stay motivated and continue to put the maximum amount of effort into their work. Performance management software can incentivize employees and help prevent the phenomenon of feeling overlooked.

Performance management software includes performance reviews, feedback, check-ins, updates, and goal-setting, all of which can improve an employee’s performance and productivity by creating a dialogue for recognition and constructive criticism. This type of software is transforming the work experience, not to mention facilitating optimization and success. 

5. Benefits Administration Software

From Health Insurance to Retirement

Benefits administration is a key function of HR that is as complex as it is vital. Benefits administration software automates the process of managing employee benefits and assessing eligibility. A well-rounded business administration software includes features like onboarding automation, benefits reporting, customization, and user self-service. 

Having benefits administration software isn’t only ideal for your HR department—it’s also a crucial amenity for your employees. For this reason, you want software that’s user-friendly with an intuitive self-service portal. 

Bringing It All Together: Integration 

While stand-alone tools can make individual elements of HR work easier, having tools that can function in coalition with one another is the best way to ensure that your company is maximizing its efficiency. For instance, time clock software is great on its own, but a time clock software that also includes scheduling software takes timekeeping to a whole different level—and to take that idea even further, having time-tracking software that integrates with billing and payroll-processing is a total gamechanger. 

Thankfully, most tech companies realize that integration is a top-selling point for software, and as a result, the majority of online tools can be configured to work in coordination with one or more separate programs. Technology is one of the fastest-changing fields that exist, which means that business will continue to improve as new software is developed. In this way, the possibilities are truly endless.


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