Hushed Gives you a Second Private Number in Just $21 for Lifetime

TLDR: Set up a secure, second phone number & keep your real contact detail hidden for work, dating, craigslist and more with Hushed. Get Hushed lifetime deal at just $19.99.

Many people have a personal phone and a work phone. But why bother juggling two different devices all the time when you can divide personal from business on the same phone? Whether you want a separate line for private business calls, you’d like to stay private while selling things on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or you just want to make sure your family has its own special way of reaching you, a Hushed Private Phone Line eliminates the need for a second device.

Using the simple, secure Hushed app, you can easily make calls on your second number without committing to an expensive new phone contract. A Hushed plan includes a combination of 6,000 SMS or 1,000 phone minutes per year and allows you to make calls and send texts from a completely private phone number without any monthly fees. (You’re free to add minutes or SMS credits to your account at any time.) You can choose from hundreds of area codes across the US and Canada and manage all of your communication from a single app, on a single device.

With Hushed, you can customize your unique private voicemail and use Wi-Fi or data to talk without incurring expensive service charges. It even supports call forwarding settings if you want to send certain people past your private number to your real number.

Hushed has earned a 4.6-star rating on the App Store and TechCrunch calls it, “A viable, more lightweight alternative to something like Google Voice.”

There are no contracts with Hushed, but you can sign up for a lifetime subscription for a single price right now. Normally $150, a lifetime subscription to a Hushed Private Phone Line is just $19.99 today. Also, get 1,250 minutes and 7,000 SMS for $29.99, 1,750 minutes and 9,000 SMS for $39.99, or 2,500 minutes and 12,500 SMS for $59.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Hushed Lifetime Deal

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