Important Things To Know When Switching to iPhone X

You might be among many people who are considering switching to iPhone X, which has come with a lot of hype and praise. But what is so unique about the phone that it deserves getting you from the one you currently own? The secret is in the wide array of new features included as well as key improvements.

Here are things you should understand before you switch from any other phone to iPhone X.

No home button

home button

There are those people who are used to a home button for purposes of navigating from other screens to the home screen. This might sound discouraging but you have to realize that the iPhone X does not come with a home button, and you will definitely have to familiarize with other ways of switching to the home screen. However, there is nothing complicated to worry about as to do that you only need to swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen and voila, you are on the home screen. In fact, this is easier to execute compared to having to press the home button, and most important the absence of the home screen makes the phone appear neater.

Face ID


You will also be forced to switch to a new security mechanism, which was introduced to replace the fingerprint scanning technology that was available on the iPhone 7. The Face ID scans your face for recognition and to make unlocking easy. It is backed by a face recognition technology that identifies you within milliseconds, and this makes it more efficient as a way to secure your data than the fingerprint scanning system. It might feel challenging at first but once you get used to it this is the best way to protect what you think should never go near the eyes of unauthorized individuals.

Wireless charging

Wireless Charger

Forget about wired charging systems and welcome wireless charging mechanism used on the iPhone X. This is definitely a better way to charge your phone as it comes with a Qi coil, so you can use virtually any charging pad you can lay your hands on. It was a revolutionary move on the part of Apple as it helped make the product futuristic and better. Also once charged, the battery is able to last longer by about 2 hours. This is not forgetting the iPhone X offers a faster-charging mechanism, meaning you can get your phone charged to about 50 percent in a matter of 30 minutes.

A11 Bionic chip

A11 Bionic

Understanding the technology behind the processor of the iPhone X might motivate you to get one. It is powered by the A11 Bionic chip, which delivers up to 25 percent faster processing capacity. The chip also comes with other four cores that are high-efficiency, and on their part, they deliver faster processing by 75% more. This translates to smooth simultaneous execution of tasks and faster processing of tasks, so you can enjoy all types of features. Don’t forget you also have between 64 GB and 256 GB versions to choose from.

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