How to increase email subscribers for your blog in 6 easy steps

As a professional blogger, an email list goes a long way in interacting with your readers and building an audience. It is one of the best ways to notify them and update you about all the new content you have posted. You can easily communicate with them, get to know them better, and revert to all the comments, queries, and reactions. Hence, you build a strong audience through the email lists for your blog.

Thus, we bring you the best 6 ways to boost your email subscriber numbers for your blog.

Let’s check them out.

Offer an incentive for a subscription

To increase the number of email subscriptions, market it with an incentive, like a free product, or any kind of premium content. An offer like this often catches the eye and entices the readers to subscribe.

To execute this, you can occasionally develop some premium content that is only visible to your email subscribers. This can be an extended special report or any video or audio podcast for your audience. To attract attention, post a trailer or teaser of it as part of the regular blog and ask readers to submit their emails and subscribe to access the entire content.

To avoid the disappointment of the existing subscribers, you can insert an opt-in form that asks them to enter the email address they availed the subscription with and can make use of the added benefits.

You can also organize competitions with enticing rewards and ask readers to participate where the basic rule involves getting registered on the email list, where eventually, the winner is revealed.

Offer an incentive for a subscription

Make full use of opt-in forms

The best way to gain more subscriptions is by embedding an opt-in form in the course of your blog posts. While reading the blog, these opt-in forms surely catch their eye, and you can promote various new developments with it. With the aid of sites like WPForms, you can easily include a neatly designed and edited opt-in form in your blog.

Try to have at least two to three opt-in forms in your template to increase your chances of gaining your reader’s email addresses. One of them can be a pop-up form that appears and disappears while you read the document, while one of it can be at the end of each post or the sidebar of your blog. These opt-in strategies ensure that readers are convinced to add themselves to your email list.

Make full use of opt-in forms

Utilize the QR code technique

When conventional methods do not work, it is time to employ strategies that are quick to function and work best in today’s digital world. The QR code or the quick response technique can be one of your options to motivate people to register themselves on an email list. 

These codes are extremely trendy, easy to access, and are visible on any page you visit as they are in the form of noticeable square barcodes. Place these codes everywhere on your blog posts, social media, and other products you market and engage with.

People will be encouraged to scan the code, and with one tap, they can be transferred into a customized mobile version of your email subscription form. Make sure you ask for minimum details in this so that users can be quickly processed and registered. Hence this method of advertising caters to a wide audience.

Utilize the QR code technique

Reduce the technicalities when it comes to email subscription forms

One tip to ensure more audience is by adding your signup list everywhere across your site as it is your rightful place to demand subscriptions for your content. No one else will market your page if you shy away from doing so in the first place. 

Now to throw light on the personal information demanded on the email subscription list, one must always try to make the process simple, concrete, and short. Most users and readers look for speed and will not spend their significant time filling out too many details.

Hence, try to keep the labels minimum, like name and email address. It is suggested to even remove the name label and just stick to one detail, i.e., asking for their email as it will make the procedure faster and complete it within a few seconds.

Reduce the technicalities when it comes to email subscription forms

Utilize your social media handles for email marketing

It is a known practice to publicize your new blog post or fresh content on your social media. So why not utilize the same platforms to engage more people for an email subscription. People these days are handier on social media, and hence marketing your email subscription links on all the handles is the key to achieve more subscribers.

You can easily invite many people from your Facebook and Twitter accounts to register for your email newsletter. Create a page that redirects or transfers them into the subscription site. For Instagram, attach these links on your bios to gain the attention of anyone who opens your account. Tweeting about your email signup page along with the link also helps.

For added benefits, you can always engage in a paid promotion and boost these posts or messages to gather more audience.

Make your subscription list user-operated and user friendly

A major strategy of establishing a good email network is to keep all the subscribers, whether new or old, hooked to your list, and make ways to ensure they don’t unsubscribe. Hence, the idea here is to maintain subscribers irrespective of the volume of emails they receive. To implement this, you can offer types of email subscriptions that range between a few emails a week, or one email in two weeks or a long monthly summary email.

People might unsubscribe not because your content has derogated, but they have a tough time keeping up with your emails. Thus, with diversity in listing plans, people gain the power to choose, and it adds to more interest.

This plan is very crucial as it is always better to have less dedicated subscribers who go through your mails than people who receive all the mails but never open them. 

Make your subscription list user-operated and user friendly


To build a strong email network, firstly, your content must be original and enticing. But you must also apply strategies and use out of the box ideas for marketing. You must compel and persuade people that your email list is worth a subscription for the quality content you provide.

We hope you found this article objective, and you are on your way to make the judgment of which technique shall suit your blog the best.


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