Increase Traffic on your Blog with Best Possible Ways in 2021

Getting increased traffic is always important no matter if you are running a website or a personal blog. A famous blog directly represents your popularity So you should know that how to operate a blog in a proper way. Nothing more pleases blog owners than to get lots of comments and share of their articles. In the case of a business owner, increased traffic can significantly increase the sales. Paying for the increased traffic and starting a few campaigns are a good way to get a higher number of visitors but this is not the only way. Let’s check out some of the best possible ways to get an increased traffic on your blog:

Best ways to increase traffic on your blog:

1. Share Multiple Times and Everywhere

Your blog has good content. It is attractive and full of relative information. But, it is unlikely to get a good response unless you start sharing it. Today’s world is the world of social networking and it has become easier to gain popularity overnight then ever before because of that. However, many fellow bloggers share their content on popular social networking platforms as soon as it is out to publish. What they don’t do is to share it multiple times on almost all the social networking platforms available. Each social media platform contains a certain kind of audience. Thus, it is important to bring your blog in front of as many people as possible to get increased traffic.

2. Get Popular Writers To Write for You

By ‘popular writers’, we mean the writers who have a large social media following. These writers usually have their own blogs or websites and have a high degree of proficiency in writing quality content. Thus, whenever you invite (or hire) one of these writers to write something for you, it will automatically become a point of talk among their followers. For example, if you run a cooking blog, you can invite a chief chef from one of these top hotels as a guest writer. If possible, you could ask the writers to share a link-back on their own blogs or on their social media fan pages. Applying this tactic will definitely attract an abundance of the audience.

3. Increase the Visibility of Your Website by Good SEO Strategies

A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very crucial factor to determine the visibility of your website or blog on google search results. To rank better in the search results you would need to include popular keywords as well as their synonyms in your blog. A good SEO page with low-quality content can actually rank higher than a page with good quality content with poor SEO planning. Thus, it is always beneficial to hire an experienced SEO executive. If you can’t afford one, there is an abundance of tutorials are available online where you can learn the basics of SEO.

4. Use Optimized Text While Tweeting

This is something most of the bloggers don’t pay attention and thus, just get a limited amount of visitors on their blog. A typical tweet text should include the title, link (URL), and your twitter handle. If you skip the title just to make your tweet short, the users wouldn’t click on the link just to find out what it is all about. If you skip the link and just provide the title, then there would be no way for them to go to the page. By sharing your twitter handle at the last, it is expected that more people would follow you.

5. Repurposing the Content of Your Blog

Instead of writing short content on what is already rapidly available on the web, strive to provide quality new content in a unique way. People will most likely read your content if it serves their knowledge lead perfectly. If your content is way too big to stay engaging, use the following approaches to break it into small pieces.

A Podcast: Make a digital media file of your content and upload it to iTunes.

A Slideshow: Slideshows are easy to understand.

eBook: Make an eBook (epub or PDF file) out of your post and make it available to download.

6. Write Quality Content with an Attractive Title

No doubt, quality is respected everywhere. If you provide unique, informative, and quality content on your blog, the readers are most likely to return again. Apart from that, you might get unexpected positive mouth-publicity because of that, increasing the daily number of visitors which will make your blog popular. However, a bad quality content might completely turn-off the visitor.

An attractive title is as important as high-quality content. Most of the times, the title can be the sole reason to lure the audience to a certain article in the first place. The title must be attractive, interesting, relative and SEO optimized at the same time so that it can rank higher in Google searches.

7. Make Your Blog to Load Fast

We all may have experienced the annoyance occurs when a web page loads forever to load. Using high-end graphical content may make your blog look attractive but it adversely affects its loading time. It is actually possible to make your blog attractive without using heavy themes or graphics. All you need to do is to make it simple and use some performance enhancing tools such as Pingdom, YSlow, and Google’s PageSpeed tools. If you still experience problems in loading your blog faster, ask your hosting provider or an expert for a solution.

8. Make Videos and Post Them on Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is a great way to attract a large number of audience to your blog. If your content is unique and full of information, you will get many subscribers and viewers in no time. As well you can make money with the blog. All you need to do is create your YouTube channel, make a video, and upload it to your YouTube. Don’t forget to provide the links directing to the original article related to your video. You can also provide links to your other articles or videos in the description. You can also create a screencast of your article. A screencast is making a digital recording of your screen doing something relative to your post.

9. Develop an App for Your Blog

In today’s fast-forward world, people usually prefer to check any information quickly on their smartphone rather than using PCs or Laptops. That’s when having a mobile app for your blog comes in handy. Hire an expert Android and iPhone app developer to create the easy-to-load and attractive application with great UI. Once done, publish your app on all the popular app store. Let your audience know about the app through social networking platforms, emails, YouTube, and your blog. The app should show frequent notifications to the user regarding any new post or update.

10. Use Email Newsletters to Stay in Touch With Your Readers

Publishing frequent email-newsletters is undoubtedly a professional and great approach to keep your readers updated about your blog. Most of the blog owners nowadays use attractive pop-up windows to ask users to subscribe for newsletter services. When it comes to the content of the newsletter, it should be eye-catchy, optimized, easy-to-understand and should contain images & text in a proper manner. Make sure it shouldn’t be too long otherwise the readers may find it monotonous and time-consuming.

So, now you are aware of the stunning ways to increase the traffic on your blog. Apart from that, you can also avail pay per click (PPC) advertising. However, do your side of research before choosing a PPC campaign.

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