Why Instagram is a leading Platform for the Marketers Now?

It’s been a long time when Instagram was invaded by Facebook. No sooner did it happen than the revolution started. People started to shift from the former to latter. With 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook has been No. 1 social media network for the digital marketers. US $27.368 billion revenue was generated in 2016. This is huge, isn’t it?

The above figures clearly suggests that the target audience is on Instagram now. If you are an aspiring or an expert in Digital Marketing, there are few crucial things that should be kept in mind and executed accordingly so as to be in the trendsetting strategies of the new marketing lessons.

The revolution turned into an evolution

Nobody got the hint about the sudden and rapid transition of the so-called ‘Mammoth’ in business advertising and marketing. The Facebook website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, and was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app. The service was acquired by Facebook in April 2012 for approximately US$1 billion. Instagram reached 600 million monthly active users as per the December 2016 data. To the experts’ surprise, more and more users are beginning to get used to the application and spending more time. They are having fun, most interestingly.

Potential Users

The Facebook timeline is such that the promotional post or the ads doesn’t get any special attention because of the bulkiness of the layout. Let’s say, it is viewed by 1000 users per day and clicked by 5 users. On the contrary, because of the simplest image and video sharing frame, Instagram holds the reputation and the authority to attract their potential users and the same post is clicked by 10 users.

The simple way of explaining it is scrolling both the social network and understand the difference between them. As a marketer yourself, you feel vulnerable on Facebook. As the experts say, “The transition always happens for a reason.” You know they say about it ‘Change is the real constant’ worked for them as both are now interrelated to each other though their revenue models are different and utilizes complex amalgamation of revenue generation.

The Advantage in Advertising

The problem with the advertising till now was that it was costly and the businesses could invest only a little or a portion of it towards it. Not after the Instagram began its full-fledged advertising model, every 4 out of 10 influencers started showing up as a brand in its local region. The pricing model is cheap and affordable. The traction and CTR gained are way more than the one in Facebook. As it’s already known to the marketers that Linkedin and Twitter ads are very expensive, that option is already left out from the lead generation strategy.

Age Group

The age group matters in all the advertising model as the business product or service depends on that factor. I don’t have any product that is for 40+ age group and not less than 25, so automatically it fits to the Instagram. The users are mostly below 35 years since the feed is relevant and related to them correspondingly. What happens on other social media networks is that you have a lot to filter from. It becomes extremely difficult to make reach your ads seen and heard to those potential users you are looking forward to get the business from.

Visual Attraction

The social network itself is full of images, infographics, graphics and videos. The least boring thing about surfing online is when you look at the GIFs and it feels good. The visual attraction is really crucial and it plays an important role while the marketers decide their strategies since this factor is considered as the most potent and lucrative. The strategies should be ‘Audience-Oriented’. Audience are the deciding attributes for every advertisers.

It happens when the promotion costs X amount and it is seen by Y number of people. It occurs sometimes when the same promotion is quite less than X but it is admired by Y+ numbers. Why does this situation arise? Content becomes boring many times and the trend of reading it online has increased be it books or newspapers. You must have witnessed this transition for sure in the last 5 years.

Engaging consumers

Now, let’s compare the two giant social networks because we want to know about the engagement, the real engaging consumers. Recently it is known by a statistics that an engagement with businesses on Instagram is 12 times more than Facebook. A particular post from Adidas was put on, apparently on Instagram and Facebook. The result found were astonishing. Adidas’ Instagram account has 9.7 million followers, Facebook account has 24 million likes. Instagram got 130k views, Facebook got 78k views.

What is the conclusion? It clearly expressed that despite having a wider reach on Facebook, Instagram has the higher engagement. That is exactly what a consumer engagement is. It doesn’t matter for a marketer if a post or image or video is liked or viewed billion times, but it matters when the leads they generate from it specifically are converted to their buyers or potential consumers.

Easy, User-friendly and Convenient

When an application has all the above elements, you would never uninstall from your smartphone. Same is the case with the social media, as per the perspective of the marketers. It is obvious because the triplet factor enhances the probability of any business to generate more traction, eventually generating more revenue for the business. Instagram suffices the triplet factor because of its layout and simple vertical construction which doesn’t require any hustle or any technical assistance to be a pro in it.

It’s lucrative and lucid business wise since it becomes a compatible platform for both, audience and third party.

Aren’t these factors enough to convey that Instagram is a leading platform for the marketers now.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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