IoT and Mobile App Development Market- let’s Peep into Future

Smartphones are prevailing ubiquitously across the globe followed by exuberant advancement in the technology. This progression has led to the enthusiastic development drive of mobile apps. Apps have acted as the genesis for the business and market to enrich the process of brand promotion, recognition, and customer engagement.

The apps that are dominating market are Google apps, Social media apps, gaming apps, transportation apps, and shopping apps. The apps have become a necessity rather than just being a trend.

However, the catchword that has gained universality is IoT, i.e., Internet of Things. IoT is a framework wherein the computing devices are connected and interrelated to each other having unique identifiers in order to transfer data over the network without the intervention of humans and computers.

IoT embraces of sensors, gateways, and the Cloud. Gateway devices, such as smartphones tend to offer interconnectivity along with the variety of sensors. Additionally, it ensures intuitive graphical interface and top-notch security to prevent hacking or unauthorized access.

The amalgamation of IoT and smartphone apps is bringing the revolution. IoT leverages capabilities of internet devices like smartphones to simply command smart light bulbs and sensors to control temperature.

Let’s take a look how IoT is going to impact mobile app development market:

Imbue mobility in organizations

All major industries, such as healthcare, automotive, energy, and retail will adopt IoT devices. Demand in the elevation for the automation process in the manufacturing sector will reduce the manual efforts of “pressing buttons”, instead it will permit humans to give command directly for executing the task.

All the major companies are in full bloom to utilize the incorporated technology of smartphones and IoT in a flourishing way to strengthen backend infrastructure.

Sustaining Mobile Technology

Mobile technology encompasses of wearable devices, beacon technology, GPS, and voice navigation features.

The mobile technology when conglomerated with networking elements; such as chips and sensors, unattainable things like the light bulb can be operated with one’s smartphone. The advanced systems, when upgraded will assist in infusing IoT with mobile technology and apps to perform colossal tasks.

More involvement in Hybrid app development

Being connected to the world from any corner in the universe has become pivotal.

The developers are using hybrid app development approach to reducing efforts and cost. This, in turn, is proving beneficial since hybrid app development will allow building livable apps with mesmerizing UI, having integration of capabilities of various languages. The designs will be constructive and made by keeping in mind the “unconventional needs” of people, such as smart watches and different platforms for which they will be used on.

Manage your entire household with one app

The hallucinated idea to regulate the operations of the entire household through gestures, voice controls, and human presence detection, has turned into a reality.

The advancement in the technology is extensively responsible for making this dream come true. However, the heroic role is of mobile applications that made it affordable and easily accessible.

App developers aspire to fulfill impossible feats by tricks

Manufacturers of cutting-edge technology comprising of Apple, Samsung, and Google are investing the capital laboriously in mobile research and development. The efforts have led to the development of wearable technology and consumer electronics under one roof to acquire astonishing results.

With the transformation of mobile devices to smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and now wearable devices, new technologies are on the verge of taking birth. The newly discovered technology, (which will the be the combination of IoT and smartphone capabilities), we will be able to access TVs and gaming consoles with a simple click. Mobile app development market is growing simultaneously as mobile connectivity is improving and expanding its reach.


In near-future, IoT will be dedicating itself religiously to leverage its capabilities for connecting everyone to enrich the communication process over the internet.

It will enhance consumer-to-business interactions due to which it is estimated that 21 billion devices will be connected to the internet by the year 2020. Day-to-day efficiency will help developers to integrate IoT technology beyond imagination to give magnificent results.


Editorial Staff at Techlofy is a team of Digital Marketing experts led by Ashfaq Ahmad.

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