iPhone Applications for Making the Year Ahead App-friendly (Infographic)

iPhones are exclusive devices meant only for a select few users, particularly for those who can afford to own these devices. iOS always has an edge, not just because of the popularity among all other platforms, but because of elegance of the platform and the ease of use. The app developers always prefer to release the iPhone applications way before, they release apps for any other platform.

There are whole lot of apps starting from Pokemon to Safari from the renowned iPhone app development company and the users seldom gets bored of these immensely popular apps. The mobile apps are invading every aspect of our daily routine lives and you would always like to opt for only those apps which will be the best among the many apps that are displayed on the App Stores.

Here are some of the iPhone applications that you will download immediately:


If you are a foodie then that one app that is rotated among the users all over the globe are that of Yelp. It can share with you about some honest reviews and recommendations about services on restaurants, shopping and many more. It can unearth many a search result that is normally not detected and enables you to take a wise decision. It also allows you to give your reviews for any form of outstanding food and services as well as any of your bad experiences.


Editing of videos is an essential task but not an encouraging task in hand. Maximum traction can only be obtained when you display your video in the most sensational way. Magisto enables you to edit the videos in such a way as if it has been a work of the pro. Artificial Intelligence is used for combining photos and videos and make a video that is sharable with friends and family. The app offers maximum flexibility to share the video over the various social media platforms. The main advantage of the app  lies in the fact that it resolves the problem of video editing being complicated and time-consuming, enabling the users to edit the videos in a matter of click.


It is an encrypted communications application meant for the Android and iOS. One-to-one group messages can be shared between users, whether images or video messages. So, it allows you to communicate instantly, creating groups so that a real-time chat is conducted. Complete privacy is maintained while communicating with the users, as they are put inside encrypted groups. The server has no access to any communication between the individual users.  

Dark Sky

Accurate hyperlocal information is what is rendered by Dark Sky. It can give down-to-the-minute forecasts letting you know precisely when the rain will stop or start. It uses state-of-the-art technology for weather prediction. It conveys the users with various types of notifications. Severe alerts are raised with dangerous conditions. Moreover, you can also create custom alerts for weather notifications. If rain is about to start, precise down-to-minute notifications are started.  Furthermore, the app has smooth map simulations.


This an iPhone app that enables you to change the way you stay organized. In fact, it is a cross-platform app that works for a whole range of  platforms. It allows you to create a note as a part of formatted text, web page, handwritten ink note or even a photo or a voice memo. It is possible to sort the notes into a notebook. Notebooks can then be added to a stack.  

1 Password

We are most often encountered with forgetting the passwords for the apps that we use in our daily lives. Too many apps on our smartphones, Right ? You need a place for storing all the passwords. This is an app that synchronizes with the desktop apps, so that your accounts are kept safe, by using a secure password for all the services that are used by you. Password files are stored locally and never synced with remote servers.

The above iPhone apps are just a way to educate you about the features of beneficial apps based on iOS. The ultimate choice lies with you.

Read our detailed analysis about the right iPhone applications for making the year ahead app-friendly in an interesting infographic format.

iPhone applications

iPhone Applications (Infographic)

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