Simplify Your Business Operations with KarenApp Scheduling Software

TLDR: KarenApp allows you to take appointments through a personal booking page or an embedded booking widget inserted on your site. Get KarenApp lifetime deal at just $49.99.

Scheduling meetings can be a hassle. You know, that constant hassle of scheduling, emailing back and forth, confirming, reminding and rescheduling.

Oh wait..

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It’s not only frustrating to you, but it is also unnecessarily time-consuming and not user-friendly for your (soon to be) clients.

If just reading that is giving you anxiety, you need to streamline your appointment scheduling process.

KarenApp is an intelligent assistant, built to manage all of the things that you don’t have time to do. KarenApp schedules appointments, takes payments, and sends automated reminders to simplify the way your business runs. It comes with a scheduling bot that allows you (and your customers) to speak to your calendar in natural language, booking appointments seamlessly. It automatically detects timezones, adapting meeting times to ensure you’re always on the same page with clients in different timezones, and even supports group scheduling. After meetings, KarenApp will send automatic feedback emails to clients to keep them apprised of everything that happened during the meeting.

Simplify Your Business Operations with KarenApp Scheduling Software 2

In addition to scheduling, KarenApp also keeps your team aligned by giving multiple people access to the same team dashboard, and allowing team members to assign appointments or meetings to themselves. With KarenApp’s top-tier Woods Plan, you can schedule 1,000 appointments per month with up to 12 team members.

Finally, and most importantly, KarenApp ensures that all of your business and customer data are absolutely secure. All production data is stored in a secure PCI DSS compliant off-site data center, and all access to servers is through encrypted network channels.

Make scheduling and running your business easier than ever. A lifetime deal to KarenApp’s Woods Plan is on sale now for just $149.99. If you don’t need such a robust program, KarenApp also offers the Nest Plan for three users for just $99.99, and the Hive Plan for one user for just $49.99.

Prices are subject to change.

KarenApp Lifetime Deal

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