What are the Key Trends of Field Service Mobility Solutions

The success of a field service technician lies in the fact that the field technician located at a remote location have an access to the right information, and at the right point in time, without causing any delays, whatsoever. In fact, the role of the field technician is not limited to installation and subsequently repairing the products. This in other words means that the technician acts as an extension of the sales force, which will impact the customer service level, thereby bringing about an increase in the revenue earned for your organization.

We have seen an increasing number of mobile tools, being used so as to enhance the performance of the field service personnel. It is quite often when we see that the field service guy arrives late and is then unable to solve your problem, right on time. If we go further and try to analyze the reasons for late arrival and a dissatisfying service that is rendered, we realize that the reason in majority of cases is on account of a lack of the right kind of tools, in the hands of the field service technicians. Technology acts as a great enabler for the customer satisfaction that is delivered. World class services are only rendered with the right type of technology, delivering delightful experience for the customers, optimizing the service levels, thereby bringing about the required transformation in your valuable business.

Here are some of the key trends for the next generation field service mobility solutions:

Big Data and Embedded Analytics

A huge amount of data is generated by machines, customers and products. This data then need to be converted into actionable insights, generating more revenue. The vast data that is obtained

from the field services, when used with the analytics will not only ensure a fast or timely action, but also helps to provide a feedback, real-time in nature. Moreover, the mobility solutions will remove the redundancies and saves your valuable time. Real-time inputs are obtained from both mobile apps and equipments sensors.

Internet of Things

Connected technology, which is more widely known as Internet of Things (IoT) are increasingly being adopted by businesses. The equipment health and the efficiency at which it operates is brought about by the value added services based on the IoT data. Proactive approach is brought about by the preventive IoT data, lessening the downtime. The information that is obtained, will re-engineer the product and make necessary quality improvements, utilizing the performance metrics.

Adopting the Right Approach

Mobility Solutions must be associated with the right type of tools enabling you to stay informed and relevant. The power of mobility solutions will be allowed to scale your areas with the most relevant information. This way data can be delivered with efficiency to the field service technicians, further away from the workstations, so as to undertake the right action, without causing any delay.

Cloud Based Services

It is the ubiquitous cloud services that has enabled the mobility solutions for the field services, proving the advantage of the service, anytime and anywhere. Because the cloud services need to access data across various type of network, security becomes an important concern. Better collaboration is also established among the workers, working across various devices.

Predictive Maintenance

The connected devices enable a field service capability, as it emphasizes quite a lot on the preventive maintenance. There will be no downtime of the business with this type of preventive maintenance. The field services are automated with the predictive quality associated with the connected devices, based on IoT. 


Security issues are the most critical factor among the IoT devices, used for anytime or anywhere. Tools and protocols must limit the security issues as there is a need to educate the users with the do’s and the don’t’s of security concerning the mobile devices.

Remote Level Services

Remote resolution of the field services related issues are solved easily with a combination of IoT, analytics and cloud. Remote resolution will become a widely accepted concept, with the growth of the connected devices.

Mobility Solutions

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