Learn Financial Math With This 8-Course Training Bundle

Some part of mathematic is more important than others. Arithmetic may have seemed easy when you were a kid, but there’s no denying it has been instrumental in life. On the other hand, geometry may not have been quite so useful unless you’re a physicist.

But if you gave up on learning anything new about mathematic years ago, think again. An aspiring entrepreneur needs to have some capacity for mathematics when trying to grow their business.

Need a refresher? Check out The Mastering Discrete & Financial Mathematics Bundle.

This comprehensive, 8-course bundle consists of some of the most important math skills you need to thrive in the business and financial worlds. You’ll take deep dives into pre-calculus, graph theory, number theory, and much more to gain a financial edge on competitors.

You’ll dive into a wide variety of calculations and related concepts used by financial market experts to do things like calculate prices, rates of return, and yields. You’ll explore discrete mathematics, understanding the fundamentals and theories that make up the core of finance. Topics like sets, logic, proofs, functions, relations, statistics, and combinatorics will give you the kind of math skill set that’s truly valuable in the real world.

Finally, you’ll jump into data science, one of today’s most important business topics. You’ll discuss data, foundational concepts, and programming languages for interpreting data, delving specifically into R, one of the premier programming languages for statistical and data analysis.

Learn the financial mathematics you need to get an edge on the competition. The Mastering Discrete & Financial Mathematics Bundle is on sale now for just $34.99.

Learn Financial Math With This 8-Course Training Bundle

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