LG is developing Wearables for Women, including ladies’ Smartwatches

LG is developing different wearables for women, such as a stylish smartwatch, a richly decorated necklace and a wireless headset for women. The market for wearables has risen so explosively in recent years. The expectation is that this trend will continue to rise in the near future. These compact devices are no longer seen as just simple gadgets and gimmicks. Thanks to the health sensors that are built-in due to which the user receives direct feedback about his health and physical condition.

This growing market gives all the electronics manufacturers an opportunity to experiment with different designs, intended for specific target groups. For example, there are wearables that are almost gender-neutral, but there are also products that have been specially developed for only women or men. The Korean manufacturer, LG Electronics has various creative ideas for smart wearables for women, which are designed in such a way to give the appearance of a piece of jewelry, whether or not with jewelry or other decorative items.

It is concerned with the seven design patents filed by LG Electronics in 2018 with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office). The documents got approved in August 2019, and various wearable designs for women are shown in this. 

From smartly designed LG smartwatches to smart necklaces and stylish wireless earphones, these products belong to the same fashion line and carry the same characteristic design features.

Ladies Smartwatches

Two smartwatch models from LG is found in the documentation. To start with, consider the first smartwatch which is a very slim designed watch with a round case. The narrow watch band is made of very high-quality material and will undoubtedly have a shiny character, given the target group. The watchband is also provided with a snap closure on the bottom, which you may also find in conventional models.

ladies smartwatchThis round screen is beautifully decorated and gracefully edited, which gives it an extra elegant appearance. It is undoubtedly the touch display. There are also no protrusions, such as a crown, that you can catch behind. From the summary patent description, it can be stated that this stylish LG smartwatch for women will be equipped with sensors such as an electrocardiogram, blood sugar meter, GPS, etc.

LG has patented other ladies’ watch. This smartwatch has a round case with a flat-screen. There is a round decorative border around the watch case, which forms a whole with the metal watchband. A classic crown is placed on the right-hand side for operation.

The ladies’ watch has similar functionalities, such as an ECG and blood sugar meter. With these designs, LG undoubtedly wants to appeal to a new target group. 

These days, consumers need to live a healthy and fit life. This is a trend which is going on for several years. To be able to actually measure your health and thus being able to signal hazards at an early stage is, therefore, a welcome development for many.

Many women are also fond of the extra health functions that a smartwatch offers, but cannot really unite with such a unisex model for women and men. Because to date, the majority of smartwatches are unisex models.

LG necklace with ECG and Blood Sugar Meter

Women usually wear and prefer more jewelry than men, this gave led LG the idea to design other types of wearables for ladies. Simultaneously with the smartwatches, the Korean manufacturer also had a design patent registered for an apparently normal necklace.

This pendant consists of two circles that are placed below each other. The upper one is thicker and the other one is smaller than the lower one. The front is covered with crystals and stones, making it a true jewel. LG has also collaborated with Svarovski in the past, such as the Swarovski Earset Concept from 2017, an AI-enabled audio device from LG. The Austrian crystal processor also seems to be a suitable partner for this piece of jewelry.

Decorative Link Chain with a Removable Sensor

LG has a necklace recorded. It comes with a link chain with a pendant in the shape of an eye. In the middle of it, a large round module is placed, in which various sensors are incorporated, including  ECG and blood sugar meter, according to the brief description.

This round module has a very nice appearance of a beautiful gem. The illustrations supplied also show that this module is removable and therefore interchangeable too. The functionality in this regard remains unknown. Smaller decorative elements are arranged around this module.

Because you wear the pendant on your chest, it can take accurate measurements. This necklace has a dual function, it is an elegant piece of jewelry and a handy wearable that gives direct feedback about your health and can probably be connected directly to your smartphone.

LG Handheld Camera in the form of a Chain

The following LG wearable is also meant to hang around your neck. Two round hangers hang from the cord. The lower one is the largest and contains a camera in the middle. The transparent material is used around it.

The top pendant is the smallest and also serves as the standard for the camera. For this, you need to remove the chain from your neck and, for example, put it on a table. You can then set the camera upright to take pictures. This wearable can probably be connected to your mobile phone to take photos remotely. You will also be able to take photos while the necklace is hanging around your neck.

For some women, this will give a feeling of extra security. In addition, there are of course many scenarios that require an inconspicuous body camera. By designing the camera as a piece of jewelry, this smart wearable is not only nice but is also light and compact to carry with you. It is also fun to look at.

LG Ladies Necklace with Integrated Earbuds

LG has designed more models specially suited for ladies. This time the LG necklace is not equipped with a single camera, but with two earplugs. A minimalist cord is used there, which is slightly thicker in the neck, probably a rubbery material.

It is a handy accessory for exercising. If you no longer want to hear the music, you can simply attach the ears together. The earbuds are held together by a magnet so that it rests on your neck in a streamlined way. You can easily pull the earplugs apart to put them back in your ears.

Wireless Headset for Women

In addition to wearables, headsets are also very popular among ladies, you can buy them in a variety of shapes and sizes. Here, too, LG seems to be able to turn it into a true gem with the wireless headsets. The patent shows one LG earplug, which is called as “wireless headset” in the patent description.

The large round design makes this accessory a kind of an earring. The LG wireless headset is decorated with crystals and can be worn in both the left and right ear.

Future LG Smartwatches

Halfway through 2014, LG entered the wearables market with the introduction of the LG Watch. Since then, the company has released various smartwatches based on the Android Wear / Wear OS. The Korean manufacturer has also put various activity trackers on the market. However, all these products have been unisex models.


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