Find & Reach Your Prospects Easily on Linkedin with Linkdra Lifetime Deal

TLDR: With Linkdra you can find & reach your prospects easily. Power up your search, engage & connect to win new deals. Get Linkdra lifetime deal at just $49.

LinkedIn has become an unbelievably effective hub for business development and recruitment, with over 300 million members (one in three working professionals) storing their skills, online CV’s, professional personalities and working history in one almighty database.

It is such an invaluable source for discovering powerful industry information and also for direct sales prospecting and lead generation purposes.

It is claimed that on average, a user will spend 17 minutes a month browsing and connecting on LinkedIn, and 25 million profiles are accessed every single day!

Access to features across the LinkedIn products are restricted dependent on your chosen package. You can view the details of each option here.

There are many advanced tools, extensions, and plug-ins which allow you to maximize the potential of LinkedIn beyond its basic form for communication, marketing, prospecting, lead generation, sales development, and productivity.

Meet Linkdra (Improve Your Prospecting And Lead Generation Using LinkedIn)

Linkdra is a powerful LinkedIn lead generation tool for B2B marketers, agencies, and recruitment companies that simulates human behavior when searching, reviewing, and connecting with people on LinkedIn.

So, what does Linkdra offer?

Linkdra does quite a few clever things to make B2B Lead generation efficient. The trick is to find prospects based on Google / Bing search to identify target companies and then cast your net to reach the right positions.

Its powerful multi-channel search over Google, Bing, and LinkedIn help you find the right prospects or candidates with its smart filtering that ensures you have a “Best Match” list ready to reach out in minutes!

Set up templates with personalization to make it even faster and easier to land connections.

You can send these connections in bulk or one-by-one after reviewing.

Export your 1st-degree connections as an Excel Sheet with any available details on LinkedIn such as company name, email, phone number, and any other public info in your connections’ profiles to power up your cold email/call campaigns outside of LinkedIn.

You can also use Zapier (coming in about 2 weeks) to push your leads to your preferred CRM.

But is it safe? 🤔

You bet it is!

Linkdra’s powerful Workbench works directly from your WindowsMac, or Linux desktop, browsing, reading, and connecting with profiles while mimicking human interaction in your Chrome browser.

This is one of the safest ways to improve the outreach process on LinkedIn. Unlike most other tools using Chrome Extensions which can get you flagged, Linkdra doesn’t even need you to share your login credentials to work! 😎

As an added layer of protection, Linkdra’s built-in CRM helps you track daily reads and connections to ensure you are within LinkedIn’s fair usage limits 👍

Plan and Pricing Details

$49 Plan (1 code)

  • 100 Connections per day
  • 400 reads per day
  • 1 User (1 LinkedIn account connection)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Code(s) must be redeemed within 60 days

Linkdra has launched at $14.99/month per user but you don’t have to pay that today…

Get your deal for LinkedIn account with 100 connections per day a one-time fee of just $49!

2 codes get you users (LinkedIn accounts) and 3 codes will double that to users.

Now, if you’re a larger team (or have big aspirations!) You can stack 5 codes to get a whopping 20 users in one unified account and CRM!

If you’re ready to increase your outreach productivity by simplifying the process of searching, reviewing, and connecting with prospects on LinkedIn…

Today, you can get the Linkdra lifetime deal in just $49/one-time & use the product forever.

Then get your Linkdra lifetime deal today!

Linkdra Lifetime Deal

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