Automate your LinkedIn for Sales, Outreach, Lead Gen and Data Extraction with LinkHelp

TLDR: LinkHelp is using LinkedIn’s API and is the only lead generation tool that acts with human behavior on LinkedIn. Get LinkHelp lifetime deal at just $59.

Linkhelp is the most powerful LinkedIn Automation tool. Easy to use and safe, all the actions you want to automate are quick to set up.

Besides the unique amazing features that we offer, we guarantee the safety of your account.

LinkHelp uses human behavior in the automation that keeps your account safe.

Do you know about boring, unsexy, and hard to understand LinkedIn extensions?

Those days are over! LinkHelp has arrived ⚡️

You can now create more than 15 automations with targeting filters never seen before!

🚀 Thanks to LinkHelp, perform 10x more actions in 10x less time! Maximum results with minimum effort.

Why use LinkHelp?

👉🏻 Automate with Safety LinkHelp is 100% secure for your account. Limitations are automatically set by default depending on the status of your LinkedIn account.

👉🏻 Perform more actions, faster with automation. LinkHelp is the best tool for: entrepreneurs, recruiters, marketers, employees, job seekers, and internship seekers.

👉🏻 You want to prospect faster, by targeting your prospects. Connect with professionals in your sector automatically with the addition of targeted relationships, by adding a custom message to your invitation.

👉🏻 You want to expand your network quickly and become influent.

Connect with people who are active on LinkedIn, like the most popular publications and reviews, and send a thank you message with each accepted invitation.

👉🏻 You are looking for an internship or a job and want to maximize your chances.

You know the industry and why not the company of your dreams that you want to contact? Thanks to LinkHelp, contact the people in charge of recruitment in each company and maximize the chances that your application will be selected.

And much more!… 🚀

LinkHelp Features

LinkHelp is first and foremost a LinkedIn extension that allows you to automate your account in complete security, but it is also a complete extension, with crazy features!

You want to explode your performance on LinkedIn, you’ll be served!

Take a look at it…

Add targeted connections: Invite thousands of targeted prospects joining your network.

Send targeted messages: Create personalized message campaigns to be sent to a targeted audience.

Data extraction: Collect and extract data (names, surnames, emails, companies, phone numbers…) from both the LinkedIn profile and the website of your connections.

Auto-respond: Automation feature that allows you to set up automatic responses to the messages you receive based on a given keyword(s).

Like: Engage with your network. Like targeted publications or comments.

Follow: Expand your network by following targeted relationships.

Endorsing: Show your interest and consideration by recommending the skills of your network members.

Congratulate your connections: Wish the anniversary of your contacts or congratulate them on getting a new job.

Campaign analytics: Analyze the performance of your campaigns and profile (daily, weekly, monthly) from your LinkHelp dashboard.

Safety limits: LinkHelp ensures the security of your account by recommending daily usage limits based on your LinkedIn subscription (Linkedin Premium, Free user …)

LinkHelp Price Plan:

As crazy as it may sound, all the features available with LinkHelp have a very interesting price.

Free: All features are available, you benefit from customer support and monitoring of your statistics. Nevertheless, you will be limited to 40 actions per day, for 3 days!

🎁 LTD: Unbelievable! 👉🏻 You get all the features for life! While the monthly plan is $29 per month, you will only pay $59 for the lifetime license!

It’s time to take action!

Today, you can get the LinkHelp lifetime deal in just $59/one-time & use the product forever. Use this code “LH17“, you’ll get 17% extra discount.

LinkHelp Lifetime Deal

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