Build and Publish Project Materials for Online Education with Livresq Lifetime Deal

With the growth in need of online resources and education today, there’s an equal need for a platform to publish and host these contents and courses.

It could be a simple topic, a book, educational lessons or any other project that you need to build a course on – it is possible with this software. – An e-learning authoring and course builder platform that helps your build and publish project materials to provide online education to your users.

Watch this video to understand more about the tool and how it will help you in your business.


So, what does LIVRESQ offer?

All the tools that you need for creating, editing, publishing and managing your learning projects along with SCORM.

1. LIVRESQ Author – Create interactive digital learning projects using popular resources on the web!

Publish on multiple platforms and devices

All projects made in the LIVRESQ Author can be used on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You create one time and then have the content available on all devices, regardless of the operating system or web browser used by them.

Collaborative Work – The team often ensures the success of a project. Any resource created by you in LIVRESQ can be shared immediately with other team members so that everyone can work on the project at the same time.

Types of resources that can be aggregated in the project: picture, text, film/animation, sound, question, application – You can upload materials directly from your computer or the Internet. Add the desired resource to the Editor and then use it in any project.

Colors Personalization – For those who are attentive to details, the LIVRESQ Editor offers customization of the colors of the created resources.

Guides for Positioning the Resources in the Project Page – Don’t know exactly how to position your content in LIVRESQ Editor? The rows, columns, and separators are there to help!

Simple Interface – Intuitive and adapted to your screen. The drag and drop interface is extremely easy to use by teachers and creators of eLearning courses.

.epub Import – Each material created in LIVRESQ can also be created from a .epub file (created in InDesign®, a tool very well known by publishers). This file is imported directly into the LIVRESQ Editor.

Online and Offline – All the projects created in the LIVRESQ Editor can be accessed directly online or offline for the exported packages from the tool. (CDs, stickers, computers without Internet access, etc.).

Easy Reusability – Each resource made by you in the LIVRESQ Editor can be reused in another project immediately.

2. LIVRESQ Library – Publish your projects online – quickly, easily and allows you to set access rights for your audience

In the LIVRESQ Library, you will find interactive digital books, school textbooks and eLearning courses made by contributors and teachers.

Benefits for publishing in the LIVRESQ Library

  • Sharing your interactive projects is much easier with different categories
  • You receive feedback directly from your users
  • You have a safe place for your publications

3. TEAMS – Projects are done quickly and easily when developing the necessary content together

  • Easy collaboration as each team member can build in the LIVRESQ Author digital resources that can then be shared with the rest of those involved in the project. Any shared resource can be viewed, edited and published.
  • Easy sharing of resources between accounts
  • Easy management of users through a central account
  • Increased content security
  • Simultaneous creation and editing of digital materials for a project
  • Easy Payments – All team member accounts are centralized on a single invoice

You’ll get:

  • 2 User Seats per code
  • The codes will be stackable, and each code will add 2 user seats to their account.
  • Each license purchased gives access to all of the features of the LIVRESQ Author
  • Collaborative Work
  • Simple Interface
  • Types of resources that can be aggregated in the project: picture, text, film/animation, sound, question, application.
  • .epub Import
  • Colors Personalization
  • Online Access
  • Offline access for the exported packages from LIVRESQ
  • Guides for Positioning the Resources in the Project Page
  • Easy Reusability
  • 60 Days Refund Policy

LIVRESQ (Ascendia) is a publicly listed company and is also approved by the Ministry of Education in Romania. The tool is now incorporated by many schools & universities in order to train the teachers. Get Livresq Lifetime Deal at just $98.

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