Lyft is referring drivers to jobs at Amazon after massive ridership decline

Lyft is now referring its drivers to jobs at Amazon in a partnership between the two Amazon and Lyft designed to alleviate the financial hardships of the drivers from a massive drop in ride-hailing usage.

Lyft notified its drivers of the program on Friday and said it’s encouraging the drivers to apply to roles in Amazon warehouses and as part of the Amazon’s grocery and package deliveries platforms. Unlike Uber, Lyft does not currently deliver meals or groceries, and its ridership has plummeted in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet Lyft announced last week that it would be expanding its delivery network to start delivering test kits, medical supplies, and meals to the elderly and vulnerable citizens. Lyft says nearly 100,000 drivers have signed up for the expansion so far. Lyft has also partnered with 8 different Medicaid agencies to use its platform to help needy people access vital medical services like dialysis appointments, chemotherapy, and prenatal care.

Amazon is among the very few companies that are still able to hire at a time of record job losses, because of increasing demand for its delivery services due to lockdowns and self-quarantine recommendations in effect throughout the country. Earlier this month, Amazon said it would raise its hourly rate by $2 through April and hire at least 100,000 new workers to keep up with strains on its warehouses and delivery network.

With the new partnership with Amazon, Lyft says its drivers can sign up for jobs with the eCommerce giant through a dedicated web portal here. The company is also advising any drivers who do continue using its platform to purchase plastic barriers for sealing off the front seat of the vehicle from the backseat. The company is informing its drivers of their eligibility for benefits as part of the historic stimulus package Congress passed earlier today with a new blog post posted today, too.


The Amazon program is not just limited to contract work through Amazon’s Flex package delivery network or Fresh grocery delivery service. The new web portal indicates that Lyft drivers can find an Amazon job in as soon as 7 days, and the work also includes part-time and full-time jobs with “no resume or previous work experience required.” It includes roles in warehouses, as Flex drivers or through Amazon’s delivery partners, or as shoppers who work at Whole Foods markets to prep same-day Amazon deliveries and grocery pickups.


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