Get More Responses From Your Cold Emails With Mailivery Lifetime Deal

TLDR: Mailivery sends emails from your email account to other inboxes that then again respond to your emails. Get Mailivery lifetime deal at just $99.

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Mailivery makes sure your sales emails land in your prospects’ inboxes more often. We send AI-generated emails to our inboxes, then take them out of spam, mark them as trusted, and respond back to you. Your reputation increases and you make more sales.

What exactly is mailivery doing?

Mailivery connects to your email account and sends cold emails to other inboxes. Mailivery is also connected to these other inboxes and can, therefore, see if your emails land in spam or promotions. If they do, mailivery takes them out of spam, marks them as trusted and responds back to your email address. With that spam filters get the impression that you have natural sending behavior.

How it works?

Connect your Email – You connect your Gmail, Google Workspace, or SMTP accounts, so we can send emails to our mailivery inboxes. You set up the number of mailivery Emails we are supposed to deliver and the desired response rate.​

Interact with Emails – We use AI to send unique emails to mailivery accounts, take them out of spam and categories (Social, Promotion, etc.), mark them as trusted, and respond. We do that by mimicking natural sending and response behavior.​

You become trusted – Email providers realize there is natural interaction in your account. More and more of your emails land in the inbox, not in the spam folder. Eventually, you increase your sender reputation and can increase sending limits.​

Get more responses from your prospects. Make more sales with Mailivery!!

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