Get 3x More Conversions with Mailmodo Interactive AMP Emails

TLDR: Helping marketers build interactive emails and get better conversions rrom email marketing! Get Mailmodo lifetime deal at just $49.

Email marketing is one of the most trustworthy and profitable digital marketing strategy and studies reveal that around 72% of customers prefer emails for business communication.

Despite the positive trend and the success rate, emails do limit the scope of real-time integration and creativity. Emails are static, cannot contain a CTA button and hamper an interactive experience. This not only lower the customer retention rate but also impacts the email interaction too.

However, the introduction of AMP in an email is about to change everything. This technology changes the way email works and provides a lot of scope to marketers for their campaign. Now, your email campaigns will be personalized and a lot more fun. And, with the help of this software, you can do just that!

Mailmodo – Get 3x more conversions with interactive AMP emails. Add web forms, calendar, cart & APIs inside your marketing emails so that your users can take action without leaving the inbox.

You can:

  • Collect Feedback and Reviews
  • Sell Things and Services
  • Gets Leads and Registration
  • Book Appointments
  • Create Interactive Experience
  • and do much more…

Create and send interactive emails to maximize conversions and reinvent your user journey.

What Is Mailmodo and How It Will Solve Your Problems?

Mailmodo uses AMP emails by Google to power unique email experiences. Unlike traditional HTML emails, AMP emails bring a website-like experience right inside the email for your users. This means all action happens within the email. Your users don’t need to navigate one webpage after another.

  • Interactive & Seamless Experience
  • Better Results & Conversion Rate
  • Real-time Personalization
  • Completely Safe & Secure

Simplify email marketing, maximize conversions. Mailmodo is designed to help you leverage the power of AMP Emails for creating better user experience and simplifying email marketing setup

Want to know what Mailmodo does?

Email Automation – Automate drip sequences based on user behavior & market data to send emails. Visual journey builder to help you design user journey maps with drag and drop and analyze user behavior and optimize drip sequences & journey maps.

Create Emails Without Coding – With a no-code editor, create both AMP & HTML emails with ease. Do things that were not possible before.

Send Bulk & Triggered Emails – Send emails in bulk or upon the user’s action. Segment recipients on the basis of their actions or attributes.

Integrate With Your Apps – Import contacts from and export submissions to your favorite apps including Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoom & more.

High Deliverability – Send bulk emails with Mailmodo’s SMTP or add your own email delivery service. Get high deliverability and open rates with well-managed & dedicated IPs and option to integrate with AWS SES, Sendgrid & Netcore Pepipost.

Track all metrics in one place – Track end-to-end email performance and export complete reports of user’s actions & campaign results.

Auto trigger transactional emails – Trigger emails automatically by user action like signup, purchase, cart-abandonment. Segment users based on past campaign metrics like open, click & submissions and manage & update your transactional emails directly from Mailmodo.

All user-actions happen within inbox – Your users experience app-like emails and push dynamic updates to email content and Integrate your APIs with your campaign.

All reports on a single dashboard – Visualize all your data – opens, clicks, unsubscribes & submissions. Analyze various subject lines with Subject Line A/B testing feature and export all data in CSV format or to any 3rd party tool.

Easy & coding free AMP emails – Drag & drop AMP blocks in a WYSIWYG editor to design emails. Personalize the content for each user without any hassle and upload your own HTML file or other code-snippets.


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