How to Make Money on Instagram?

With 600 million active monthly users, Instagram offers enormous opportunities to make money. This post discusses five quick tips to make money from Instagram without a website. Monetize your Instagram account before it becomes overcrowded. 

Instagram has over 600 million monthly and 400 million daily users.

It’s used by 150 million users daily to share stories and is accessed by 20% of all the internet users. With a user base of 600 million, it’s the 7th most popular social network site, way ahead of Twitter, Skype, and LinkedIn.

600 million is a lot of users. If it were a country, it’d be the third most populous in the world.

Instagram Stat

It just shows you how powerful Instagram is and the scope it offers you to engage with millions of users.

And, the best part is, what started as an image sharing platform enables you to make money!

Using Instagram, you’ve the potential to earn anything between $200 a month to 10s of thousands of dollars a month.

All you need is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of persistence.

If you want to learn how to make money on Instagram, keep reading.

Getting the basics right

First, complete your profile. Add a nice and attractive photograph of yours. Provide some basic details and make your profile attractive.

Start following people and most of them will reciprocate by following you. This will help you build a strong following on this platform. Work relentlessly to increase your followers.

After all, they’re the ones who’ll be instrumental in generating money.

Also, the people you follow must be from your target segment. It is better to build a small targeted audience than having a follower base with random interests.

Gradually, increase the engagement by posting regularly on Instagram.

This will help you establish on this site among your target audience so that you’d have a good recall value among them when you actually begin your money-making journey.

With these basics in place, you’re good to go. But, there’s a caveat here. Build a positive reputation.

Avoid building a notorious reputation. It’ll backfire.

Now let’s begin the real journey of making money!

Put photos up for sale

Instagram was originally an image sharing platform. And, it’s still the best platform to edit and share the photos you’ve clicked, albeit for a few bucks. There’s a platform called Foap that allows you to sell your Instagram photographs for $5.

You can sell the same images to several buyers. There’s absolutely no restriction on it.

However, the site follows stringent quality processes. Unless you’ve achieved a level of mastery at clicking some nice shots, stay away from it.

Practice to become a decent photographer and start selling your images online to make money.

There’s a very simple process to it. Register with Foap, fill in the details, create your profile, select “Photographer” as the option, and upload the photos you want to sell. Foap will take care of the rest.

Sell affiliate products

While the income from selling photos depends on your photography skills, selling affiliate products requires you to have a strong following on Instagram.

Target for at least 1000 followers, before you take the plunge.

Once you’ve a decent following, you can collaborate with businesses to sell their products as an affiliate.

Alternately, sign up on platforms such as Clickbank, ShareASell, and Offervalut and get high-selling affiliate products in minutes.

Numerous other websites that pay handsome money for becoming their affiliates.

But, don’t start promoting any product that comes your way. You need to tread carefully here as your reputation will be at stake.

Promoting a wrong product will mar your online credibility.

Apart from promoting other businesses’ products as an affiliate, you can also sell your products using this feature.

Use Shoutcart to buy Instagram Shoutouts to encourage other users to promote your products. Shoutouts are great ways to show your affiliate products to millions of users. It not only provides great exposure to your profile but also helps you sending more traffic to affiliate sites.

Instagram Shoutouts may seem expensive at first glance, however, after comparing the end results, you will find that promotion through Shoutouts is much cheaper than Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

Sponsored Posts

If you’ve managed to forge a robust network on Instagram with a number of users that exceeds 5000, making money by sponsoring products and services is also a viable option.

With this kind of a following, you’re a mini influencer who can charge for promoting products and services.

Several platforms like Influenz, FohrCard, and Grapevine help you find advertisers who can pay you for promoting their solutions on Instagram.

You simply need to sign up and link your Instagram profile on any of these platforms. Based on your target audience, the advertisers will connect you and offer posts that you ned to post on Instagram at a scheduled time.

Selling Instagram Accounts

Create an account, make it popular, and sell it. Yes, it’s quite possible to do it. A large number of marketers actually do it on Instagram and Facebook.

And, you too can do it once you’ve a large Instagram following.


Instagram can be your money-making machine. You require little care, patience, skills, and focus.

There are numerous options at your disposal apart from those mentioned above to mint the money.

Despite the various options, there’s one common theme. Take care of your reputation. Whatever you do, it should be legitimate.

Doing an ethical business on Instagram is the kicker you’d require to get ahead of the pack.

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Make Money on Instagram

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