How To Make Your Workplace a Harassment-Free Zone

Harassment is a quite a big problem in workplace these days. Whether you are a man or a woman, this problem doesn’t seem to spare anybody. With sick minded people lurking the earth in various kinds and forms, it is difficult for even the employers and business owners to decipher the people who might turn out to be problematic at the first glace since everybody seems like genuinely good people in a single glance while exhibiting their true colors later on. Unfortunately, both for the fellow employees of such an individual as well as the business owners, such people turn out to be quite cunning with no regard for other’s self-respect and dignity and know how to cover their tracks well and blame others for the things they never did.

In situations like these, the best solution for business owners would be to invest in quality surveillance tools and applications in order to safeguard their business and make their employees feel safe in their workplace, using all the mental power at hand concentrating on their work and the company’s benefit instead of their own safety and well being.

How Digital Surveillance Tools Can Be Useful?

Surveillance tools are of great help to business owners since they can not only help them improve employee productivity and annual revenue but also ensure that their employees feel safe and secure in their workplace rather than detesting it and feeling nauseous even at the thought of coming to work courtesy of the harassment they have to face time and again at the hands of their fellow employees. Additionally, the data collected via spy applications can also be used as evidence against people who seem to be flawless on the surface, yet they turn out to be the cruelest ones of the lot.

Surveillance tools may be available in many types and forms, such as audio surveillance tools that can be placed on devices used to make calls to listen in on whatever any said employee is talking about and to whom they are talking to and whether company secrets are at risk or not. On the other hand there are video surveillance tools in the form of CCTV cameras that can also prove their worth by providing employee with video-graphic evidence of whatever transgression any employee is participating in at any given time.

Similarly, employees are legally authorized by the law to keep an eye on their employees as well as company hardware by using spy application on company owned devices alone. Apart from the rather common audio and video surveillance, spy apps can provide additional later of protecting that is capable of weeding out nefarious employees faster than they can cover their tracks. Spy apps can be helpful in the following ways:

• Listen to Audio Conversations

Most good spy apps give you enough access that you are able to listen in on live calls to hear for yourself what a suspicious employee is up to and what he is talking about and with whom. Once you get that information it is entirely up to you to do whatever you want to do with that information. Additionally, you can also use the bugging feature to listen in on real-time conversation happening between your employee and other people by just turning on the microphone of the target device remotely.

• Look Through Emails and Browsing History

Another way you can put spy apps to good use to put an end to harassment at workplace is by looking through an employee’s emails and browsing history. If an employee has nefarious intentions on his or her mind he or she is definitely going to leave behind clues on email and browsing history. Therefore, it is in your best interest to look through those portals and find what your employee is up to.

• Monitor Online Social Activity

If an employee is dabbling in office harassment, such an individual is definitely going to leave behind clues in the form of his or her activity on social media. It may be something as small as a snide comment to something that could be drawn as a worthy parable to cyber-bullying. Therefore, whatever the reason may be looking through browsing history might be a good way to go.


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