Marketing Strategies to Adopt From Fortune 500 Companies

As time goes by and the business world continues its migration into a virtual environment, marketing is slowly becoming less of a thing you would once imagine Don Draper doing, and more a matter of cold facts, analytics and statistics. Does the world of SEO, Google ads, and other by-the-numbers marketing strategies allow some deviations and genuine originality? Sure it does, and the Fortune 500 list is filled with companies that brought something new to the marketing table. Let us see if we can learn something from them.

Build a Tribe

There is a very good reason Apple is dominating today’s emotionally driven smartphone market. Some would even say that the people from Cupertino are selling emotions instead of real products. What is the most important, though, is that they do sell. Take cues from them, communicate with your audience in a language they can understand and appreciate and make them feel special for using your product. As long as you do not compromise the quality of those products and do your best to constantly push the envelope, it will not be far from true.

Have a Cool Slogan

Of course, you will have a much easier job delivering your marketing message if you manage to squeeze it into one simple, memorable, and interesting statement, just like Nike did it back in the 80’s in the wake of the whole fitness craze. Their “Just Do It” slogan transcended their current campaign, made a huge impact on pop culture and has become synonymous with the Nike brand to this very date.

Have a Recognizable Face

If that message is delivered by a recognizable and vivid persona you will hit the jackpot, and there is nothing more recognizable and vivid than The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Sure, Old Spice commercials sometimes tend to be annoying and plain surreal, but even when they are bad, people love watching the Old Spice Guy, and what is most important, they buy Proctor and Gamble’s Old Spice products because of it.

Develop a Marketing Network

People sometimes tend to look down on the entire multi-level marketing idea, but one thing is for sure – that did not prevent Avon from entering the Fortune 500 list. And truly, once you overcome your initial doubts, you will realize that letting your affiliates market and sell your products is a very efficient way of pushing your brand further into the masses and delivering results where they count the most. So, look for network marketing tips and start developing your network now.

Have a YouTube Channel

We all know the importance of social media in every successful marketing campaign, but did you know that seven out of ten Fortune 500 companies have their YouTube channels too? When you think for a second about it, it is really no wonder – YouTube has a massive following and it allows you to give your already exhausted content an entirely new dimension and thus appeal to an entirely new audience. It is also worth mentioning that watching videos is much easier that reading text, so if your content is quality and engaging enough, you can even hope for a viral status.

Marketing Strategies

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