Microsoft Access can change the way you work with data. Master it for $29.99

The Ultimate Microsoft Access Mastery Bundle contains the best training in the world’s top database management tool for only $29.99.

Which is the most mainstream Microsoft Office application? All things considered, it’s difficult to decide and it’s hard to accept that Microsoft Word doesn’t lead that pack. Ask for other Microsoft Office features that get lots of use and you’ll likely hear plenty of votes cast for Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint.

One app you don’t usually hear about is Microsoft Access. But in an age where data is everything, you may be shocked at the everyday utility of the industry-leading data management tool.

The Ultimate Microsoft Access Mastery Bundle ($29.99, over 90%off from Techlofy Deals) can help open your eyes to the power of databases and what they can mean to your daily workflow as well as your professional future.

With 224 lectures covering 52 hours of training available 24×7, this bundle contains all the best latest Access 2019, 2016 and 2013 training, offering a completely balanced perspective on the best way to get the most of this sneaky, ground-breaking tool.

Loaded up with practical exercises and testing, this training module dives into everything you need to know, from creating and maintaining Access databases; to utilizing Access tables, relationships, and keys; to task automation and customization; to producing advanced reports that delve deep into your data.

The regular price for this bundle is $594, but you can get The Ultimate Microsoft Access Mastery Bundle for $29.99 only.


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