5 Mind Mapping Tools You Should Try Right Now!

Mind mapping is a vital concept in case if you are a marketer, it’s because there are tons of different ideas that might float in your mind that need to be arranged appropriately. It’s been noticed that human thinks are not much as they conceptualize more than 1000 unique thoughts per day. But maintaining the flow is essential for implementing those ideas.

The idea might appear in your mind, and after some time, you might forget it; in such a case, you need to use the mind mapping skills that will help you from the basics. Through this detailed post, I will be sharing in-depth concepts about mind mapping and how you can use the terminology in your business, personal life, professional life, etc. As a reward, I will conclude the top five best mind mapping tools that can be used to implement your ideas in the real world.

So without any further ado, let’s get straight to the concept of mind mapping.

What is a Mind Map?


Mind Map is one of the conceptual entity that allows you to discover your ideas and signify the details accordingly. It’s a chart that shows you in-depth information about the specific entity; this entity is also called as Central concept, which lies in the middle of the map through which various sub-branches are derived accordingly.

The branch of Idea as of May contains text or images accordingly, so it will appropriately signify your ideas. The whole process is being done minimalistically, which minister present to maximize your implementation of ideas. It might look like a graphical representation of what indeed it has in the concept which is being derived from the representation.

The conceptualization of Ideas is nothing but the mind nothing, so in case if you want to maximize your true potential of Ideas representation, you can implement it subsequently. Also, it truly adds value to your understanding level.

Why Should You Use Mind Mapping?

As min mapping helps you to declutter the goals and the requirements of ideas. It’s one of the legitimate concepts that allows you to conceptualize the ideas and adequately arrange them. So in case if you’re a budding entrepreneur, digital marketer, blogger, corporate employee, student, etc. You’ll always need to use this.

To let you know, I’ve shortlisted a few of the pros that you need to know about, so here are they:

  • It’ll help to declutter your ideas, and arrangements are being made more subsequently.
  • Without applying lots of effort, you’ll be able to customize the ideas properly.
  • Huge issues can be distributed in small pieces and accordingly arrange them.
  • You will get to learn about the solution to any issues by using Mind Mapping tools and software.
  • Presentation of information in a more comprehensive manner.
  • Plan your goal and startups using mind mapping theories.
  • The learning method can be evaluated and improved, which will make hell to get in-depth knowledge about specific stuff in a short amount of time.
  • Productivity and credibility get increased.

When And How To Use Mind Maps?

If you dealt with so much of the information on planning, you should go with the mind maps techniques that will help you to customize your planning and ideas by distributing in several pieces. You can skyrocket your business as well with the help of mind maps, which gets your job done within a while.

If you’re a student, maximize your learning by the arrangement of the notes and theories in a comprehensive way. Though to let you know, I’ve shortlisted a few of the significant areas where the mind making theory will help you for sure, so here are they:

For education purposes

In education, most of the time, it happens that you go through several Research and knowledgeable content. But for memorizing the content, you need the proper structure in brief, and that’s why our mind mapping techniques help you from scratch to get in-depth knowledge about a specific field or subject. I have noticed that most of the students go through mind mapping techniques to memorize the ideas and thoughts.

While shortlisting the notes for building your messages for the visualization process, mind mapping will help you a lot to customize it according to the requirement. During the examination period, you can declutter the information in terms of pieces and arrange them during the revision, so if you want to maximize your resources of learning, you can always use the mind mapping applications for taking out the notes and arranging appropriately.

Rather than learning traditionally mind maps will help you to consume more knowledge in a short duration of time; it’s that good. So if you are willing to be good at your field of expertise, make sure to apply the technique.

Arranging the ideas

The abstraction of ideas can be verified through the mind mapping right before you create your base of expertise. Most of the time, it happens that tons of Ideas may appear in your mind, and you won’t be able to implement those ideas in real life; mind mapping will help you a lot to go through with the process. For being creative in managing your staff, you will need to use the mind mapping tools that serve you great features to organize your ideas properly.

In case if you are a content writer, mind mapping will help you a lot to declutter the information correctly and customize it more frequently. It’ll surely maximize the content quality, and attention also gets increased by the time, which makes the right sense to opt for the tools.

Arrange your projects and plan it well

If you are an entrepreneur or and leading a specific team of people, then you should have known to the mind mapping tools just because you need to arrange all of the stuff related to your meetings, ideas to share, schedule creation, discussion, giving away the responsibilities, etc. This will not only maximize your workflow but in a short duration of time, you will be able to spread a lot of info.

It’s been noticed that most of the market is used to distribute their thought process in various different ways so that it will be able to share it with their teammates. This not only declutters the ideas but helps you to think more comprehensively. And it’s essential to grow your business.

How mind mapping helps marketers?

In case if you are a marketer, then mind mapping will help you from every single process, whether it may be managing your financial staff, managing your team, ideas, brainstorming the visualization and task assignments, etc. One of the best ways to use the mind mapping news is that you can rearrange the pattern correctly and also be able to page on of the details, as most of the tools are integrated with other software.

To let you know in detail, our shortlisted some of the mind mapping techniques for marketers, so here are they:-

You will be able to create a marketing strategy

If you are a bit confused about implementing your marketing strategy, you should use mind mapping to analyze the problem and make sure to use it in a more comprehensive way to declutter ideas and thoughts. You can plan your activities, define the marketing goals, specify the goals with the teammates, etc. In each of the stream, the mind mapping will help you a lot.

Following are some of the marketing details that can be applied in the marketing:-

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Video marketing etc.

The mind nothing will help you to overcome the issues that you face through marketing.

Creation of the journey map for the customer

Converting the subscribers into consumers is one of the vital aspects that will make your business profitable and hands through the process Mind Map will help you a lot; this will not only teach you how to create the specific mind mapping solution for your customers but also help you to build the strong connection in between that will last for a longer duration.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running an offline business or an online business, but the thing is you need to verify that you are providing the subsequent solution to your consumers or not. For managing all of your finances, you can use the mind mapping techniques subsequently to arrange. Firstly make sure to analyze the problem your consumers face and accordingly create the best possible solutions using the mind mapping technique.

You can create a customers profile

While creating the profile of a specific persona, you’ll have to go through the in-depth info; for this, you need to acquire the details about the particular customer that’ll help you to build their profile subsequently. Along with the profile picture, you can add demographic characteristics like age, gender, education, occupation, etc. Once you figure out the information, you can arrange them using the mind map.

For creating the successful Mind Map, you can go through the specific application for software that allows you to make the best and effective Mind Map for your businesses.

How To Use Mind Maps Effectively?

Even if you are starting from scratch and do not have a single knowledge about mind mapping techniques, even though you are free to acquire it for creating the best possible mind maps for your businesses, but few significant aspects are essential for you to know to get started with the mind maps from scratch.

For creating the successful mind maps, you can go through the following entities that will help you from the basics of mind mapping:

  • Make sure to define the ideas, issues, etc., properly to implement it properly.
  • The primary idea should be placed in the middle of the mindmap.
  • Using the central concept, you need to decide the ideas that are linked with it.
  • You can create the radiating lines that will be derived from the central concept to the associated ones.
  • Create the branches if necessary.

Once you go through the above entities, you’ll need to customize it correctly, and for so, you’ll always have to go through the following aspects for creating an excellent looking and minimalistic mind map:

  • Adding the images will improve the overall look of the mind map and optimize it well during analysis.
  • You can add several Colours for specifically denoting the theories; it is necessary, especially if you are taking out the notes or conceptualizing the ideas.
  • Instead of going with the straight lines, you can use the curved lines as well, which looks pretty good.
  • For minimizing the confusion, you can use the specific keyword instead of the full sentence.
  • Make sure to make the minimal mind map and try not to add so many entities in it, which make it look better and well optimized.

Once you go through the above process, you will always need to find the best mind mapping software that will help you to build useful mind maps for your businesses. So let’s dive deep into it.

Top 5 free mind map software

When mind mapping is not that easy, at certain is that you can draw it on a clean sheet of paper bug. If you want to make a significant and well-managed mind maps, you’ll always need to take the help of mind mapping solutions. In case if you are running a business, you can share the mind maps directly with your teammates or employees digitally, which makes the good sense to opt the software subsequently.

Well, there are tons of software available in the marketplace that you can avail for free, but most of them didn’t worth it; using the minimalistic software is kind of necessary to create the best possible and innovative Mind Map. So by experiencing personally, I go through the top five mind map software that will help you from scratch, so here’s the list:

1) MindMaster


MindMaster is another best mind mapping tool that helps you to create the well-managed mind maps for your business and team. They have a wide variety of options available on their website that you can avail of creating The Mind Map accordingly. You get access to the templates that you can use to maximize your true potential of developing the mind maps and make it look better. By letting them with a specific color, you can conceptualize them subsequently, so even if you’re starting from the scratched, it will be much easier for you to create the Mind maps.

Using the mind master, you will be able to create where are different types of Mind maps depending upon the structural analysis so that to customize them accordingly. You can even add the specific images to make it look even better and give it a better look. Despite these, you will find several different entities which are listed on their website that can be used subsequently.

You get access to around 30 predefined themes with the help of which you can create the best strategic statistics that will showcase your creativity level; you are free to use it in a particular instance. However, if you still want complete control over the software, you will need to purchase their premium subscription.

What will you get in Mind, Master?

following are some of the key features provided by mind master:

  • You get access to unlimited templates that can be used to make the creative mind map.
  • The color option is available for highlighting the ideas.
  • The structure is customizable that will improve your overall strategy.
  • Free to use in certain instances.
  • The brainstorming tool will help you to create the meetings possible.
  • You will be able to set up the project and task accordingly.

How much does Mind Master Cost?

Along with the free plan, the Mind Master also offers a lifetime deal at just $49.

2) Coggle


In my opinion, Coggle should stand on the top of this list; the reason is its cleanliness, which may cause a real sense to opt for this software for creating the best possible mind maps for your small business. In case if you’re running an agency, corporations, social media influencers, students, etc. You’ll always need to have the mind mapping tool that’ll help you arrange all of the messy kinds of stuff properly.

You just need to create a profile, and by the end, you will be able to download the specific mind map in the full resolution, which will be easier for you to share with your teammates without any bugs in it. Ate errors see being defected while creating the statistics, along with that at the very beginning, they used to help you and provides you a suggestion for using the specific key feature provided by the Coggle.

The workspace of Google is designed appropriately, so you don’t get distracted while creating the mind map.

What You’ll Get In Coggle?

Following are some of the key features provided by the Coggle that you need to know:-

  • The real-time collaboration is available so the user will be able to collab with their teammates and the same time while creating the mind maps.
  • The undo option is available for making the changes in the mind map.
  • You will be able to share The Mind Map at the same time.
  • The drag and drop option will help you to draw the best possible mind maps.
  • You are free to add infographics and the images to make it even more eye-catchy.
  • Join the branches and the loops accordingly.
  • You will be able to add the tables subsequently or create the tree diagram.

How Much Does Coggle Cost?

Well, it’s free to use the software, but it has certain limitations,  to increase if you want complete control over the software, you can opt the plan from the below:

  • The awesome plan is available at just $5/ month.
  • The organization plan is available at $8/ month.

3) MindMeister


MindMeister is another mind mapping tool which comes with some of the impressive features like easy to access templates and user interface quite shows any of the beginners on there can handle it adequately. You will get access to all of the features they used to serve, and more importantly, it is integrated with some of the other tools as well, like Google and Microsoft, so you will be able to sink all of your data right from the devices that you use on a primary basis.

For creating the account, you will have to sign up via Facebook or create the new account, what you do so you will get access to create the best strategic Mind Map according to your requirement. In case if you are an entrepreneur or business owner who usually dealt with lots of ideas and planning, this would probably be one that you can opt for properly customizing your workflow.

You get the option of creating the templates by your selves and select the color accordingly to make it look better and more convenient to understand. Once complete the mind that you will be able to download it in high-resolution PDF, which makes it one of the convenient tool amongst all. For marketing stream, students, digital entrepreneurs, this is the best tool that you should opt for.

What you’ll get in MindMeister?

The following are the key features provided by the MindMeister:

  • The user interface of the tool is pretty minimal, as anyone can handle it.
  • You get access to various inbuilt templates and colors that will make your mind map eye-catchy.
  • Customizable theme and designs.
  • Applications are available for both IOS and Android.
  • It is integrated with some of the top companies like Google and Microsoft.
  • Easy to use features from scratch.
  • The pretty affordable and free plan is also available that can be used initially.

How much does MindMeister Cost?

Along with the free plan, the MindMeister used to serve the following paid methods that allow you to acquire their features subsequently:

  • The personal plan is available at $4.99/ month.
  • The pro plan is available at $8.25/ month.
  • The business plan is available at $12.49/ month.

4) Draw.io


Another free to use the platform, i.e., Draw.io, which is considered to be the diagram maker for the planner where you can perform various activities to plan your tools and goals. Throughout the day, lots of Ideas might be of you into your mind. You can implement them accordingly with the help of Draw.io; this is not only a planner but also considered to be mind mapping software where you can draw the statistical representation for your businesses.

You also get access to various flow charts and statistical representation that helps you to create the best possible mind maps; this will help you to conceptualize the ideas correctly and to make it implement subsequently by sharing with the teammates or the employees. You get various customization options, like selecting the template and arrangement of the ideas by highlighting them with a specific color.

It has a beginner-friendly interface, which makes a real sense to opt for this one for creating mind maps for your businesses and marketing strategies. Even if your student, you can declutter your notes properly and make it rememberable for a longer time by arranging it comprehensively. So definitely give it a try.

What will you get in Draw.io?

Following are some of the key features provided by Draw.io:

  • The user interface is beginner-friendly, so you might not face any difficulty while using it for the very first time.
  • The arrangements of the features are being made correctly. Also, you get access to various templates that will improve the overall look of the planning.
  • For highlighting the specific ideas, you can use a particular color.
  • Using the vector graphics, you can also compress it while downloading the complete file.
  • You can create a specific layout for each planning, which will look pretty dope.
  • If you want to use the tool for the long term, you can always connect it with Google safely to sync all of the planning details.

How much does Draw.io cost?

Along with the free plan, you should serve the paid methods too. Their paid plans depend upon the user; the paid program of the Draw.io begins from $10/ year and goes up to $1,800/ year. So opt the plan accordingly by visiting their official website.

5) Creately


And here pop-ups the last ideas management and analysis tool in the list i.e. Creately. This is not just and Mind Mapping platform as you can create most of it like taking out quick notes, preparing the to-do list, planning for your business and team, etc. The desktop application of the Creately is pretty top and easy to acquire even if you don’t know about managing the ideas and setting you the templates accordingly. So even if you’re at your beginning level, you should have a look upon it for sure.

You can directly get in touch with your teammates through the application itself to specify the terminologies and the planets with them. There are tons of templates available that can be used to do the best possible structural planning. Although it’s a free tool available in the market but to avoid the advanced feature, you will only need to Grab their paid plan, which is available at very nominal rates, which makes the good sense to opt for the services accordingly.

You will be able to create flow charts, mockups, statistics, etc. through this software, which gets your job done just within a while. At the very initial stage of planning my ideas, I have used Creately for some time and am blessed by the features they used to offer. Even if you have zero knowledge about the analysis and planning, you will be able to handle it just like a pro; it’s that easy. You should give it a try.

What will you get in Creately?

The following are the features that you get with the tool:

  • The user interface is much supportive and clean.
  • You will get access to various templates and the layouts that’ll improve the overall look of the planning.
  • You get access to the collaboration feature with your teammate.
  • The free plan is available that you can avail of.
  • Drag and drop feature lets you prepare the spreadsheets and the complete in-depth planning.
  • You can divide the sections and customize them accordingly by highlighting them with the colors.

How much does Creately cost?

Along with the free plan, the Creately.io used to serve the pet plans, which begins from just $5/ year, which is relatively cheaper and worthy. So make sure to grab the deal. Also occasionally you might also get some huge discounts which make it even more worthwhile.

Final Verdict

Mind mapping tools are the best options available in the market that helps you to conceptualize all of the ideas that might appear in your mind. You can set a new top accordingly using the mind mapping tools. You might have to deal with lots of clients and teammates on a daily basis and accordingly, you can create your own schedule using the mind mapping tools.

As I went through several types of research and came across the top five best mind mapping tools that you can grab from the above list. Well, they are free to use in certain instances but if you want there a full version you can always get their premium subscription which is available at very reasonable rates.

With the help of these tools, you can maximize your workflow and productivity. So make sure to check them out subsequently by visiting their official website.


Thomas Burn is a blogger, digital marketing expert and working with Techlofy. Being a social media enthusiast, he believes in the power of writing.

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