Mobile App Development: 3 Trends That Will Revitalize Up Your Strategy

In recent years, mobile app development went through a huge revolution. And, most of these changes have been due to new innovations, breakthrough technologies and pro-active approaches, which are focussed in providing more user-centric solutions. Undoubtedly, if we talk in terms of technological innovations and finding new ways of addressing user’s concerns, then 2016 has brought more possibilities and opportunities. Be it iOS or Android app development and wearable app development, every vertical is required to meet the need of innovation and creative thinking.

Undoubtedly, mobile app development is experiencing an enormous and huge transformation due to emerging tech trends. And, in the coming months, new and emerging tech trends are likely to rule the mobile app development space. The emerging domains like enterprise development and rapid development is going to continue to hold significant importance.

Here are a top 3 mobile app development trends that are likely to create a win-win situation in 2017 and beyond:

1. Integration of Mobile Social Media and Wearable technology into CRM platform

Integration of mobile, social media and wearable technology in CRM platform will increase. Since, sales automation through mobile and web technology is gaining prominence and increased focus is being laid on these platforms. Thus enabling more integrated CRM solutions where real time group messaging will be a reality. By increasing the rate of adoption of mobile and wearable across industries and businesses, it will make integrated mobile CRM a key choice in the time to come.

2. Mobile Commerce is growing with more erudite mobile payment system

Mobile commerce suddenly took over the regular ecommerce offerings, thus, easing fund transfer and payments through smartphones. Nowadays mobile devices are equipped with the latest and secured technologies and features, which in turn, facilitating easy and secure payment system. Both the tech giants has launched their payment systems- Apple launched its Apple Pay and Google launched its Google Wallet to make mobile payment system easier than ever. In fact, this year, variety of apps are being developed to make transactions quicker, secured and easier.

3. In-App advertising will lead more successful Mobile Apps

Today in-app advertising after experiencing a huge popularity because, there is a steady rise in the app marketing processes, this year. According to most of the studies – apps that are offering free downloads are becoming the most popular ones. The in-app advertising is considered as one of the best possible opportunities to stand these mobile apps financially and strategically. However, in-app advertising is being responsible to make user- experience suffer. However, with a few new innovative and appropriate ways, integration of such varieties of advertising models helped in removing such challenges to a great extent. Undoubtedly, in 2016 we will see a lot of more innovations. Shorter and user-centric ads are grabbing the attention, thus avoiding interference as much as possible, showing ads more prominently, and thus making CTA buttons more protuberant as ever.

So, these are the ways that will continue to evolve in the coming days and will leave a significant impact in the future to come.

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