Mobile App Development Trends

Top 15 Mobile App Development Trends in 2018

At present many types of app development is in trend and app developer is focusing on latest mobile app development trends.

According to the survey, more than 200 million Apps has been downloaded and its number is increasing day by day as the number of gadgets like smartphone and tablets is increasing. As we discuss the application, then we find out that social media apps are more in demand and people are using them more than any other App. As technology is going more advances and innovative, then App industry is also adding new features to it and they are focusing on developing more advanced App by using more innovative technology.

Within few months, we will lend in 2018 and then App developer and App development industry will work on the latest mobile app development trends to make their App more effective and more demanded.

Here, we will discuss latest mobile app development trends that are going to boom in App industry in 2018:

1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is covering the whole market slowly and in the tech world, AI creating a new pillar of success. It is making our world more advanced by using AI. It is mostly used in robots and search process. By using it in our App, we can transform the world in a better way. In the tech-oriented world, Artificial intelligence is a new thing but it is already using by tech giants and they are investing a lot in it and so, in 2018 AI will be on the boom and it will make our life easy and till 2020, its market will be approximate 50 $ billion. With the time, we will use new digital assistant that will work on AI and it will recognize our face and voice and will solve our entire problem. We can understand it with the help of SIRI and Facebook face recognition software, both works on AI. So, this types AI will create a huge difference in business model. So, we should focus on AI in 2018.

2. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology

We can understand this with the example of the smartphone. Many times, we face an issue of memory limitation because each smartphone has a limited capacity for storage. Sometimes, it does not allow us to add more data due to its limited memory size. If we are using cloud-based mobile apps, then we can sort out this problem in an easy way. In this technology, all data stored in the cloud-based memory and from where we can access our data anytime and we don’t face storage issue like Apple cloud services. After using this, the user will not worry about storage capacity. Its market cap is increasing each year Approximate 70% and in 2018, approximate all devices will work on the cloud because, at present, mostly high tech company are using cloud-based technology to give their user new experience.

3. BYOD and Enterprise Apps

In business prospect, enterprise Apps are most beneficial things. All major business firms are choosing this for getting more business and after using this, you can enhance your business in an extraordinary way. BYOD and enterprise App are changing the whole scenario and it has become the first choice when we are going to develop our business App. Enterprises Apps are opted by the business owner with rapid pace for getting best outcome to prosper their business.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)


As the concept of smart cities is trending, then IoT is playing a great role in boosting retail business. Business industry and organizations are prospering in a better way after inventing internet of things. IoT is also influencing other sectors like automotive, education and healthcare sector. We can see a positive impact on this industry. Apple and Google both are increasing this concept and enriching their Apps with these technologies.

Google just introduces Android things to boost up their Apps and to support IoT. Google and Apple is veteran tech giant in the tech world and both are investing in it and making their App IoT friendly.

5. Wearable Apps

wearable watch

Wearable is in too much demand at present and their demand are increasing day by day. Google and Apple both introduced their smartwatch and only for Apple iWatch, we can find more than one million App in Apple App store so, we can guess that it will rock in coming time. According to the report of the CSS Insight, more than 360 million wearable devices will be in 2018 and demand of App will be increased and so, we should focus on wearable devices.

6. App Security

Security is the prime factor that any user wants. Most people don’t download Apps because they have fear of security. Security is a prime concern for most of the user. So, all App development companies are focusing on security and they are making it more robust and more secure and so, we should focus on it more to develop high-security App.

7. Augment Reality and Virtual Reality

ar vr

This functionality is mostly used in gaming Apps and we can understand it with the help of worldwide famous game App that is Pokemon. Pokemon Game is designed and developed according to augment reality and virtual reality. Virtual reality is using in gaming and event Apps while augment reality is focusing on healthcare, retail, real estate and others like this. Augment reality is really concerned for us and VR is getting a positive response from the market and developers are adding this in their App to making it better.

8. Digital Wallet and Mobile Payment

Digital Wallet

The whole world is moving towards cashless economy, the digital wallet and mobile payment are playing a great role. PayPal and Paytm both are a revolutionary platform for money transaction so like this many more payment gateway are already introduced that makes our money transaction easy. So we should focus on payment gateway and by using this, we can make our App more innovative and more useful.

For this developer need extra work and user spend extra money because it should be more secure otherwise our account information may be a leak. And we may lose our money.

9. AMP

Accelerate mobile pages are the latest update of Google and it is increasing the loading speed of our web pages and we can use this in our App development process to make our App more advance and load fast. So, it can be user first choice. Google is also giving priority to AMP Apps because it makes our App faster. Google and user both love fast running App. So, we should focus on AMP.

10. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps are much better than native Apps. Due to Excellency of hybrid app, it has become the first choice for business is flexible and suit best for business needs. It is not expensive and easy to access. When the user interacts with hybrid App, then it spends too much time with it and generates more traffic with it. The application can be used offline in a good manner and we can access it without any problem.

11. On Demand App

With time, technology becoming more advanced, then on-demand apps will increase. This medium is basically used for public services like taxi, travel booking, food and laundry. At present, on-demand App is more demanded in the market. It is best for end users. UBER and OLA are the best examples of on-demand App and we can see the popularity of these Apps. These kinds of Apps are most used at present.

12. Chatbot For UI & UX


At present, for getting better UI and UX approximate all Apps are using Chatbots. This is very helpful to boost up business but at present, few iOS and Android App are using it. If our UI and UX design are best, then it the user will interact here more. Now, the user wants a quick response to their query so chatbots are best solutions for it. So, we should own chatbots in our App to make it more special.

13. Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is an important factor that is really helpful for us. It is often seen that when a page load slowly, then user don’t stay there. In USA, if you’re loading time is more than 3 seconds, and then user will move on. So, with the advent of new technology and inventions, images will load only when their turn will come.

14. Android Instant Apps


The Android Instant Apps are native apps and with a single click, we can turn it on the website. In which, we have no requirement to download Apps. Here, we can operate our App smoothly and it saves our time and space. It is a cloud-based version of App. We can also apply business subscription to it and we can also manage it easily.

15. Blockchain

The blockchain is the latest technology that keeps a record of all transaction and anytime we can check our transaction history. We cannot change it easily and if we are going to alter it, then we have to make changes in the block. It saves our data from hackers. So, we should count it as an important factor.


So these types from all above, we can easily know that what kinds of trend will be in 2018 that will make our App more advance. All App development company should focus on these trends because, without these factors, we cannot make our App more demanded.


I am DC Kumawat. I am Co-Founder of Orion Infosolutions Mobile App Development Company. I am passionate about reading and writing new things. I have written different types of mobile technology blogs for my company website.